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289Research and Technological DevelopmentINTRODUCTIONConvinced that research combined with scientific and technological innovation must accompany and support the actions undertaken by the Head of State to lead the Cameroon to the emergence, the Ministry of Scientific research and innovation (MINRESI) strives to pass the key step in the trans- formation of research results into products, goods and services. And thereby improve substantially the quality of life of the population.As part of its tasks of using the results of research and promoting innovation, MINRESI continued in 2014-2015 the development of a strategy aimed at promoting the use of innovative research results by domestic and foreign investors.RESEARCH, A GREATER CLARITYThe increase of clarity in scientific research in the process of development is a reality in the areas of food security, energy availability, mining deve- lopment, environmental management and public housing in local materials. MINRESI managed to make understood the validity of involving scienti- fic research and innovation in the "Greater Achievements" programme of which a number ofprojects needed the research results conducted by the National Cartography Institute (INC), the Geological and Mining Research Institute (IRGM), the Agricultural Institute for Development Research (IRAD), the Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies (IMPM) Mission for Local Materials Promotion (MIPROMALO), the National Education Centre (CNE), the National Radioprotection Agency (NRPA) and the National Centre for Technologies Development (CNDT).In order to give greater clarity to scientific research in 2014-2015, two major actions were taken:• The organization of the 2nd and 3rd start of scientific research season ceremonies in Cameroon;• The successful organization of the 5thand 6th editions of the Scientific Research and Innovation Excellence Days in Cameroon (JERSIC).FIGHTING FOOD INSECURITYWhile performing the projects approved for 2014-2015, MINRESI kept in particular aLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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