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290LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNwatchful eye on the implementation of the emer- gency plan by the President of the Republic against disasters that turns, in terms of scientific research, on the following main lines:• Fight against food insecurity by strengthening seed production in quality and quantity in a great number of speculations for food plants in all regions of Cameroon;• Providing improved seeds of many specula- tions for the benefit of farmers and ranchers, com- mon interest groupings (GIC) and farmer associa- tions located in remote areas of research centres and generally poorer for lack of Communication resources.n A short-cycle bean in the West and the North- West Regionsn eight varieties of disease-resisting cocoa trees in Centre, South, South-West and Littoral Regions;n A few varieties of short-cycle cowpea and maize for the northern Regions;n Nerica rice in the East and South Regions; n Breeding purebred pig in all Regions.• Continuing carrying out the project for the set- ting up of a pilot unit to use (UPV) clay fired bricks in Douala of a capacity of 300 tons per day to meet the high demand for building materials in the city and its surroundings.Fighting food insecurity by increasing quality seed productionAVAILABILITY OF ENHANCED SEEDSFor the 2014-2015 agricultural season, IRAD made available significant quantities of pre-basic and basic enhanced seeds, namely: hybrid maize; bean; cowpea; sorghum; cassava cut- tings; plantain shoots ready for cultivation.In addition, IRAD introduced tests in all agro-eco- logical zones on the speculations below: table grapes, wheat, date palm.MASTERY OF TECHNOLOGIESCameroon has included, for nearly two decades, that the popularization, promotion and enhance- ment of the inventions derived from the creative genius can contribute to diversifying its industrial base and provide the local and sub-regional mar- kets with value-added and enhanced products. On that subject, Cameroon's vision of becoming "an emerging, democratic and united in its diver- sity", includes several general objectives inclu- ding that of reaching the stage of newly industria- lized country by 2035.This key objective of economic emergence can be achieved through the development of a densi- fied and competitive industrial base depending on the mastery of technology, turned towards the satisfaction of local needs on the one hand, and competitive on the international market on the other hand.

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