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In terms of inventory, Cameroon’s industrial base consists of abundance of imported manufactured goods and locally-made products with high imported technology influence and a virtual absence of industries set up based on the natio- nal creative genius.However, one should point out the existence of remarkable technological innovations in the field of information and communication technologies, and significant advances in natural medicine.Therefore, the government instituted the national technology days (JTN) to allow local innovations exposure for their industrial concern and development, the mainspring of wealth and job generation.The specific objectives of JTN are:• Highlighting the domestic technological poten- tial;• Reporting the large pool of national inventions and innovations tothe general public and potential investors;• Encouraging SMEs and SMIs to develop new local innovative activities;• Present to the general public the technologies and innovations developed within enterprises;The increase of clarity in scientific research• Making the business community aware of the need to use the industrial property of assets for the creation of competitive enterprises;• Identifying the three best national inventions for their prototype.Developing a strategy aiming at promoting the use of innovative results in researchLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN291

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