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and audits research, and risk assessments, inspec- tions, control and audit of institutions classified as hazardous, unhealthy or awkward.A SOCIALLY AWARE ENTERPRISE WHICH WORKS FOR EMPLOYMENT AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING OF YOUNG PEOPLEDownstream Consulting’s competence is also recognized by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (MINEFOP), which approved its training centre called DC TRAINING for careers in the filling station. We have become a centre of excellence for training in trades like Commercial Attaché, Filling station Manager and Petrol pump.In 2016, we obtained an extension of our accre- ditation for training in occupational safety and health.Downstream Consulting also has an accreditation by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (MINEFOP) for the activities of placement of temporary staff.The company now has more than 800 employees on its payroll working for the constant improve- ment of its partners’ performance and quality of services offered.Over 70% of the workforce is of Cameroonian and Chadian graduates, young people in their first job. Their recruit- ment is based on the extension of TRADEX network. They all benefit from health insu- rance, are duly registered with the NationalSocial Insurance Fund (CNPS) and enjoy the right for holidays. Downstream Consulting moreover fulfills its tax obligations with res- pect to taxes and putting back social security contributions of its employees.Downstream Consulting Ltd is along with the State, among domestic enterprises, which create wealth and income-generating employ- ment. Its role as oil distributor with its strategic partner is the concrete expression of two major objectives of the Cameroonian State: giving national economic operators access to the mar- ket of downstream petroleum distribution, on the one hand, fighting against unemployment by encouraging the recruitment of young peo- ple, on the other hand.OUR GOALSFor the next decade, Downstream Consulting would like to consolidate its achievements on per- formance by controlling investments and gaining access to new markets.In this regard, we intend to improve and maintain trust with our historic partner in the development of its petroleum product distribution network.Besides, the consolidation of activities in our branches in CHAD and Central African Republic will certainly allow us to further affirm our pre- sence in the Central African Sub-region. We the- refore intend to build a credible and reliable com- pany in the eyes of our partners by relying on the development of our employees and cultivation of excellence nMr. Patrice Mballa, C.E.OLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN293

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