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P.O Box: 349-Yaound├ęTel: (237) 222 30 30 06/222 30 30 07 Fax:(237)222302455E-mail: www.labogenie.comRESEARCH294LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNLABORATOIRE NATIONALDE GENIE CIVIL - LABOGENIEAccording to Decree N0 2007/299 on 12 November 2007, the National Civil Engineering Laboratory - LABOGENIE is a state-owned company, which has recorded in recent years a remarkable development of performance and has now become a major player ...QUALITY EXPERTISEThanks to the State, which owns the company, LABOGENIE was able to renew its technical platform and maintain its quality expertise, making it the best geotechnic laboratory in the CEMAC zone, and one of the first in Africa. This slight improvement, coupled with the vision and ambition of the management team of LABOGENIE, led to numerous initiatives aiming at aligning the company to modern management techniques including the development of a business plan, quality approach to obtain the ISO 9001 and 17025, etc.Similarly, for some years now, the entity has been seeking to boost some of its missions and service as Training, while exploring new business niches: borings, environmental studies ... Insomuch as the policy of "Greater Achievements" opened many projects. The same movement is observed in other Central African countries, which makes CEMAC a construction area, with business opportunities for LABOGENIE.It is worth recalling some missions assigned to LABOGENIE whose entrepreneurial vision is to consolidate its leading position in all segments of the geotechnics market in Cameroon, and extend its leadership to all segments of the geotechnics market in Central Africa. Among others, it shall: provide, at the request of the Ministry of Public Works, support for regular inspections to accredi- ted private civil engineering laboratories, for compliance with technical standards and regula- tions; carry out, at the request of relevant minis- tries and bodies, all actions relating to comply with the application of technical standards and requirements for the construction and mainte- nance of structures, etc.The LABOGENIE is also commissioned to: carry out, in collaboration with the relevant ministries and bodies, the geotechnic studies risks sites for the prevention of risks and natural disasters; carry out, at the request of relevant ministries and bodies, the studies and research for the adapta- tion of infrastructures to local ecosystems; carry out all normative studies in matters of civil engi- neering infrastructures; achieve, in collaboration with the relevant technical structures, all research work in the field of materials and construction techniques; etc.NUMEROUS ACHIEVEMENTSRelying on a dynamic team of experts and modern technology means, LABOGENIE distin- guished itself by its support to the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, in particular through the assessment of road maintenance campaigns in terms geotechnics, geotechnic training, review of all geotechnic parametres likely to affect the durability of structures in the preparation of these campaigns. The Laboratory has also build up a geotechnic database, etc.n

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