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300ADVANCES TO THE STATESDuring its session on 18 December 2014, the BEAC’s Monetary Policy Committee examined the impacting effect of a sharp drop in world oil prices on the macroeconomic framework of the member states. Without prejudice to the principle of gradual extinction of statutory advances to the Governments to which it reasserted its commitment, it decided to maintain in 2015, on an exceptional and tempo- rary basis, at their level on December 31, 2014, the States’ statutory advances ceilings.The ceiling for Cameroon therefore rose to 377 billion in 2015 against 335 billion in2014. The country, which had no more resorted to this method of financing since 2008, received 150 billion, part of which, to be specific, 90 bil- lion was repaid on 30 June 2015. The account balance is 60 billion.ADVANCES TO THE BANKSThe refunding objective rose from 10 billion in 2014 to 80 billion on a decision by the Monetary Committee Policy on 25 March 2015. The average amount of lending to banks through the credit line increased from 3.5 billion in June 2014 to 17.2 in December 2014, then to 53 bil- lion in June 2015. The development is justified, among other reasons, by the measure that makes government securities a refunding guarantee.INTERBANK MARKETIn 2014, there was no trading recorded on the interbank market. In the first quarter 2015, the amount of interbank transactions was 12 billion, including 10 billion for national operations and 2 billion at sub-regional level. The average inter- bank weighted was estimated at 4.125% against 5% yoy.HEADINGI.TEASURY OPERATIONSRates for credits to governmentsPenalty rates to governments- Interest rates on public investments (TISP)Interest rates on public investments as partof the Future Generations Reserves Fund (TISPPO)Interest rates on public investments as partof the stabilization mechanism of budgetary revenuesInterest rates on public investments as part of special deposits (TISPP2)II. MONETARY MARKETA-provision of liquidity1-Counter “A”Tenders rate (TIAO)Repurchase rates (TIPP)One-off intervention ratesExceptional advances rates /investments Cert. (TACP)Penalty rate unto banks (TPB)B- drainage of bank liquidities (negative tenders)Interest rates on a 7-day investment “TISP”Interest rates on a 28-day investment “TISP”Interest rates on an 84-day investmentIII. BANKING CONDITIONSMinimum loan rate22.07.13AT 8.07.20143.2510.’s prime rates and banking conditions (in%)LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNSource : BEAC

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