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The number of securities traded was 6 times higher to come to 42,261 equities. "SOCAPALM’s" security is the most active on the market with 92.5% of the volume of securities tra- ded for a turnover of 84.6 billion. As of May 20, 2015, the various values are as follows: 61,499 francs for "SEMC", 52,999 francs for "SAFA- CAM" and 21,001 francs for "SOCAPALM".In the third quarter of 2014, stock prices have suf- fered a downward adjustment by reason of a free distribution of shares to shareholders as a result of the capital increase induced by the implementa- tion of decree N° 2011/0975/PM on 4 April 2011 relating to the revaluation of companies’ depreciable and non-depreciable assets.BOND MARKETAt 31 December 2014, the market capitalization of the bond market dropped by 7.5 billion to come to 188.4 billion. The fall is due to the com- plete redemption of the bond issue. Bonds recor- ded on the market are the following: "Moabi 4.25% / 2009-2014 "on 15 December 2014, "ECMR 5.6% net. 2010-2015 "; “BDAC 5.5% net. 2010-2018”; Chad 6% net. 2013-2018”; “FOAGACE 5.25% net/2014-2019”, “ECMR 5.5% net. 2014-2019”.The premises of the Ministry of Finance, YaoundeIn 2015, a new security has been introduced "FAGACE 5.25% net / 2014-2019" "ECMR 5.5% net. 2014-2019 "at the Douala Stock Exchange, taking up to six the number of bonds on the market. Besides the latter, it is about the following bonds: "ECMR 5.6% net. 2010-2015 "; "BDEAC 5.5% net. 2010-2017 "; “ECMR 5.9% net. 2013- 2018”; “Chad 6% net. 2013-2018”.ISSUANCE OF PUBLIC SECURITIESTo promote the development of the domestic debt market, the State issued public securities according to the profitability of projects thereunder. These include:o Average five-year Treasury Yields (OT)and an average interest rate of 5.6%;o Two-year Fungible Treasury Bonds (OTA) at an average interest rate of 4%;o Fungible Treasury Bills (BTA), mobilizable in the short-term for immediate cash needs, with a 2% average interest rate. The weighted average interest rate (TIMP), calculated based on the amounts awarded varies between 1.735% and 1.82% for maturities at 13 weeks; between 1.84% and 2.033% for maturities at 26 weeks and, 2.1375% and 2.445% for the maturities at 52 weeks. These rates are advantageous in terms of the interest rate advances from the BEAC to the Treasury, which is 2.45%.INSTRUMENTSBTARepayment TreasurybillsRevised indicative timetable of public securities issuance in 2015 (in billions)JAN FEV MAR APRIL MAY JUNE JUL. AUG* SEPT* OCT* NOV* DEC* TOTAL15 15 15 9.45 20 5 5 5 10 10 15 15 139.45-17 -10 -19.5 -8.5 -20 -20 -20 -5 -20 -15 -5 -10 -160Source: MINFI/DGTCFM, *= predictionsLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN307

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