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308ECONOMY, A FUNDING STRATEGYThe debt strategy objective consists in meeting the State's financing requirements by reducing costs and mitigating risks in the medium and long term. Therefore, a national committee of public debt was created, and it gives its opinion on any request for funding and analyzing the viability of the debt incurred. Meanwhile, the government is implementing a series of measures to facilitate access to financing for the private sector.In 2015, the level of public debt represents 22.6% of GDP, below the 70% threshold chosen as CEMAC’s convergence criteria. Debt denomi- nated in euro, less volatile, represents about 40% of the overall budget.Under the three-year Emergency Plan, the eco- nomy will receive additional funding of a total of 925 billion.Four banks and Eurobonds issue provide for necessary funding. The amount mobilized will help develop, among others, the fields of agricul- ture and rearing, of water and electricity, of road infrastructures and health.The government implemented a support system to modernize enterprises’ production equipment, in particular the SMEs, through leasing. At end-June 2015, the State had provided 5 billion to contri- bute in developing this funding instrument. Compared to 2014, leasing market increased by 70% to come to more than 125 billion.The SGBC’s building in DoualaBesides, the DSX launched in July 2015, an awareness campaign to promote the IPO of SMEs. The opening of the counters of the BC-SME also partook of the measures to facilitate SMEs’ access to funding.Reforms undertaken by the government to streng- then financial intermediation are beginning to produce results. In 2014, the funds allocated to non-financial private sector increased by 11.6% compared to 2013, to come to 2,313.3 billion.At June 30, 2015 and year on year, bank credits to the private sector and households grew by 17.9%. Areas benefiting from the increase were investment (291.8 billion), equipment (396.4 billion), support services to enterprises (89.4 billion) and accounts (711.3 billion).WORDINGInvestment loansEquipment loansHousing/Property loansConsumer lendingChampagne loansCompanies supportive loansAccounts/ enterprises loansJUNE 2014274.0311.10.9259.649.54.2643.1JUNE 2015291.8396.410.8281.948.989.4711.31881.1VARIAT.(IN %)6.527.2-0.98.4-2.02028.610.617.9evolution of bank funding by areas (in billions)LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNTOTAL 1552.9Source: BEAC

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