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AXACameroon, (the former « Société Camerounaise d’Assurance et de Réassurance ») is a pri- vate company under natio- nal law, set up in July 1974, by virtue of ordinance N° 73/14 on 10 May 1973, relative to the regulation applicable to Insurance carriers in Cameroon. It is now governed by the insu- rance laws of the member states of the Inter-African Conference on Insurance Markets (CIMA)AXA Ltd. AXA Cameroon is currently the leading enter- prise in non-life insurance with a turnover of about 20 billion CFAF.- Mr. Amaury FOURKIERinstituted in 1995.- IT departmentIt is a merging of agencies which constituted the “Union des Assurances de Paris” of which some had been in Cameroon since 50 years and the grouping of portfolios of its European part- ners which were also proceeding in Cameroon, namely the Commercial Union Insurance Company Limited and the “Paternelle Risques Divers”. AXA Cameroon is therefore well-rooted in the Cameroon economic and social fabric since long ago.AXA Cameroon offers custo- mers all categories of non-life insurance.- Reassurance departmentAXA Cameroon is a fruit of the merging of AXA Group with the “Union des Assurances de Paris” in 1996. On the 8th of June 2000 the “Compagnie Camerounaise d’Assurance et de Réassurance” became AXA Cameroon and adopted, consequently, the Group’s brand.AXA Cameroon is a team of well- trained and mobilized colleagues who suggest adapted solutions for the best service to their custo- mers.“Let’s reinvent / our trade”The share capital of 4 667 376 000 CFA F is held at 99.90% by- Mr. Mamadou Moussa DIOUF (Deputy CEO)The company is headquartered in Douala (registered office and consultancy) with a branch in Yaoundé, the political and admi- nistrative capital. Its channel of distribution, with its two consul- tancies in Douala and Yaoundé, 12 general agents and insurance brokers, enables her to cover all the 10 Regions of Cameroon.- Sales DepartmentAXA Cameroon now employs 80 colleagues including 46 execu- tives, 31 supervisors and 3 staffs.- Audit/Portfolio control departmentIn the heart of the business cen- tre in Akwa, the registered office is at 309, rue Bebey Eyidi, P.O.Box 4068 Douala Cameroon.- Communication and marketing serviceE-mail:AXA Group intends to become the favourite insurance carrier for the customers, colleagues and mThe dynamics of change invites us to place the customer in the heart our concerns. As such, our approach is henceforth mains- treamed into three key attitudes so as to satisfy the customer: “Alert, reliable and considerate”AXA Cameroon is run by a board of directors chaired by Mr. OUMAROU the new motto at AXA Group, which pools all colleagues towards innovation, improve- ment of qualitative service, and increase of our performance.The Executive Management consists of:- Mr. Thierry KEPEDEN (GD)(Central Director)- Four Departments are operational including:- Technical Department- Health Department- Financial and Accounting Department- Four Departments and two services directly joined to the executive Management com- plete the organization;- Human Resources department- General resources service.Let’s reinvent / our trade

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