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Trade balance deteriorated with Malaysia (-5.7 billion after a 2.2 billion surplus in 2013) and Thailand (worsening of the deficit by 39.9 bil- lion). On the other hand, it improved with other partners of the zone.India is ranked first partner with Cameroon in the zone. Thailand, which experienced an increase in its purchase (+159.8%) and sales (+50.1%), becomes second partner to the detriment of Vietnam.The zone mainly receives exported products as raw cocoa beans, crude oil, natural rubber, logs and sawn wood, raw cotton and aluminium. Imports from South-East Asia are mainly cereal products including rice, manufactured products and capital goods and middlemen.CEMACIn 2014, the CEMAC is ranked fifth among trade partners, with a 3.97 % weight of trading. It contributes to export earnings at 6.4% and absorbs 2.3% of import expenditure. Trade surplus had improved by 22.4 billion to come to 76.6 billion.This development reflects an increase by 10.3% of exports combined with a fall by 7.6% ofimports. Chad remains the first partner in the zone. Results with the CAR improved by (+17.8 billion) and Gabon (+3.6 billion), while they deteriorated with Equatorial Guinea (-3.4 billion) and Congo (reduction in the surplus by 3.7 billion).Main products for exports are: fuel oils and lubri- cants, foodstuffs, soap, mineral water, meat, palm oil iron, steel and juice. As for import, we have: crude petroleum oils, live animals, liquefied butanes, sugar as fuel.NORTH AMERICAIn 2014, North America occupies the sixth rank among Cameroon’s trade partners with 67.7 billion of export earnings and 157.7 billion of import expenditure. Trade deficit with the zone had decreased moving from 90 billion to 82.6 billion. It reduced by 13.2 billion deteriorated with the US and deteriorated by 9.2 billion with Canada.Exports are made up of fuel oils and lubricants, cocoa paste, rubber, tobacco, coffee and sawn wood. Main products for imports are: wheat, second hand items, and mechanical and electrical appliances.Development of trade goods by geoeconomic zoneZONEEXPORTSIMPORTSEuropean Union 1 304.0Other European country 34.4Turkey 11.8Eastern Asia 382.1China 375.8South-East Asia 376.0India 249.9Malaysia 42.0North America 83.0USA 82.0South and Central America 1.8CEMAC 163.3Congo Republic 31.0Gabon 28.0Equatorial Guinea 29.8Chad 59.0West Africa 125.4Nigeria 53.1North Africa 5.9Autres pays africains 35.5Congo (RDC) 27.0VALUE*VARIATIONS**(%) VALUE*-9.1 1 001.9-39.4 86.8-21.2 48.9187.1 795.3192.5 672.979.0 344.897.2 109.318.8 47.722.6 165.624.8 130.6-23.3 92.410.3 86.78.1 23.86.7 0.4-15.2 62.317.1 0.264.0 931.534.4 669.93.9 64.5-44.8 61.9-32.4 3.1VARIATIONS*(%)-2.21.0- 419.9Source: MINFI/DAE, *=in billions in 2014; **compared to 2013LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN315

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