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In case of non respect by the one stop shop of deadlines mentioned in sub sections 3 and 4, the regime sought for is automatically attri- buted to the investor who consequently ini- tiates immediately, a regularisation proce- dure. Modalities of instituted regime functio- ning to sub section 1 of this article are deter- mined by specific texts.Sector codes are tools of incitement adapted to one or more sectors of economic activityand/ or cove- ring one or more technical domains of the economy.Economic zones are incitement tools placed in privileged zones. They are instituted where need be in conditions for creation and eligibility to rights and principles to be determined by specific texts in relation with the objectives of the government.They can be transformed in autonomous offices under conditions defined by specific texts. The dura- tion of incitements is determined in the sector code and economic zones depending on the activity.MODE OF APPLICATION OF CHARTERThe elaboration of application texts of this law is done on a tripartite basis of equality, public sec- tor, private sector, and civil society.Application texts provided in sub section one must bear the technical opinion of the regulation council and competition provided in article 25.Control Of RespectOf Texts And Exercise Of AppealsAppeals filed by the investor for non respect of the pro- vision of the present law and its application texts is made first at the council of regulation and competition.Promotion And FacilitationOf Investments And ExportationsThe promotion and facilitation of investment and exportations are ensured by:n The council for regulation and competitionn The Agency for the Promotion of Investment n The agency for the promotion of exportationPromotion Of Private InitiativeThe promotion of private initiative is ensured by the following organs:n A council for industrial partnershipn An institute of entrepreneurshipn An observatory of industry and commerce n An agency of norms and qualityn A centre of intellectual propertyThe creation, organisation and functioning of organs and private institutes in this law are deter- mined by decree of the president of the republic.Management Of InstiotutionsThe composition of organs for the management of institutions create in application of the present law is equal and tripartite: public sector, private sector and civil society.One needs a trading licence issued by the DGI (Tax Office) to a commercial activity in CameroonLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN329

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