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ı FinanceMINISTRIESPUBLIC ORGANSı Agency for the Promotion of Investments (API)ı Directorate of industrial developmentı Directorate of foreign economic and financial control ı Directorate of economic and technical cooperationı Directorate of taxesı Directorate of customsı CTPLı Management unit for investment codeı Agency for the promotion of investmentsı Agency for the promotion of exportsı GUCEı National office of industrial free zonesı MAGZIı In charge of Relations with the Commonwealthı In charge of Relations with the Islamic Worldı Industries, Mines and Technological Developmentı Economy, Planning, Development Programming and Territorial Managementı External RelationsSOCIO-PROFESSIONAL ORGANSı Order of Accountants of Cameroonı Order of barristers of Cameroonı Groupement interpatronal du Camerounı Chamber of commerce, industry, mines and crafts of Cameroonı Movement of Cameroonian Entrepreneurs (MECAM)ı Cameroon Companies (E CAM)332LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNn Touristic restoration areas when they are inte- grated in a touristic pack or implanted in a touristic site known by touristic administration.FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS TO INVESTMENT• The economy has enjoy a growth rate of 5% for some years, which has to increase• Democratic institutions and the political stability make of Cameroon a country where the risk concerning investment of minimal• Its geographical location between west and cen- tral Africa, gives it a unique statistic position in terms of trade exchanges. It gives access to several central African countries and some regions of Nigeria• Its extension of 1200 km gives it a great variety of natural potentials• It has abundant and qualified labour, which is cheap and endowed with a great adaptation and ini- tiative capacity which is indispensable for companies• Cameroon has a diversified industrial fabric in expansion, presenting a permanent network of sub contracts• It has a regulatory and legislative frame which gives freedom to invest and the free transfer of indus- trial and commercial benefits as well as salaries• It has numerous natural resources (petroleum, gas, bauxite, iron, nickel, wood) and agricultural products (cocoa, coffee, cotton, banana, hevea, palm oil, pineapple)• It has a vast privatisation programme of public and para public companies whose list is detailed in the chapter of privatisationREGULATION OF PUBLIC CONTRACTSIn order to make public contracts transparent, Cameroon adopted in June 2000 a new regula- tion of public contracts. The most salient points are the following:• The fractioning of public contracts is forbidden. Authors of established markets in violation of this regulation are likely to be sanctioned• An independent observer recruited by a call for ten- der by the authority ion charge of public contracts must participate in the sessions of the commissions for the market and sub commissions of analysis.• A consultancy of international renown must realise later, Audits covering all markets greater than CFA 500 million, and 25% of markets inclu- ded between CFA 30 Million and 500 Million, chosen randomly.• Every public order must be subject to a large consultation of eventual service providers through the competition procedure.MAIN INTERLOCUTORS OF INVESTORSIn Cameroon, there are many structures to receive investors. To optimise your contacts, we suggest below a first list of main actors. They shall give you all the support you need to realise in the best conditions, your investment projects. You shall find their addresses and a list of ministries, and organs in the chapter on practical information.Main Interlocutors

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