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336LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNThe Minister of Finances acknowledges the declaration and assures the investor, that at the appropriate moment, the transfer of the profits and other investment gains will be guaranteed.In addition to the file of the approved interme- diary to be presented to the competent adminis- trative authorities, non- resident investors must provide:n A detailed table stating the nominative contribution to capital.n A copy of the creation decision of the com- pany or a copy of the increase in capital.n A form describing the social status.n The balance sheet, profit and loss account, the audit reports of the last three years after the investment of more than100 million CFA Franc.n The balance sheet and the estimated profit and loss account for the creation of the company.The achievement and liquidation of direct invest- ments, (be they CEMAC investments abroad or the reversal) must be declared to the Ministers of Finance and of BEAC 30 days after each operation.TRANSFER OF INCOMEGENERATED BY THESE INVESTMENTS:The state guarantees every moral or physical non- resident in Cameroon, the right to freely transfer all forms of income resulting from invested capital , in case of termination of activities, the profit of the liquidation or termination of investment pro- vided that the investor is in good standing with the taxation administration.All funds transfer within the CEMAC zone are subject to a transfer commission which is determi- ned by a free play of freely competition and does not exceed 0.25% of Value Added Tax (VAT) and any other specialised tax. This profit is the exclusive right of the approved intermediary once he uses the channel of his external connec- tions for the conclusion of the operations.On the contrary, this profit is shared equally with BEAC , when BEAC ensures the transfer of this operations.All transfers to foreign destinations are subject to a transfer fee of not more than 0.50% with the exclusion of turnover tax and other specific tax. All other transactions with bank cheques and other means of international payment but for Travellers cheques are assimilated to transfers.Finally, provision has been made for a manual exchange, which includes all charges related to manual exchange in addition to the interme- diate margin whose value does not supersede 4% for the Franc zone notes and 10% for the other currencies turnover tax and all other spe- cific tax exclusive.On the contrary, all importation of currencies by BEAC is completely tax free. Those undertaken by approved intermediaries (Credit institutions, PTT and exchange offices ) are available with a manual stamp duty of 0.01 of their tax value.The dispatch of funds to whatever destination and the manual exchange operations undertaken by BEAC on behalf of the Treasury Account and the National Public Accountants are exempted of the afore mentioned commissions.All transfers to foreign destinations are subject to a transfer fee of not more than 0.50%

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