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o Tax on landed property: 0.121 % of the value of the building (hosting the headquarters of the company) declared by the owner and paid per annum.Once the payment of charges by cash or cheques is complete, the Treasury Agent hands to the promoter of the structure a deposit receipt for the file and receipt (in case of cash payment) or a declaration receipt for payments via cheques. The file is thus sent to the Taxation Service.TAXATION SERVICES:The representatives of the Taxation Administration are in charge of the registration of original documents from the notary ( declaration of subscription and payment, status )They equally endorse the registration reference on the minutes ( Originals of the documents from the notary) and also on the letters.Immediately the minutes are returned to the notary while the letters are deposited at the Registry Service.THE REGISTRY SERVICE:The Registry Service registers the individual pro- moter or the commercial company at the Register of Companies and Liens (RCCM) and attributes a number to it.The Registry Service dispatches a photocopy of attestation of registry at the Register of Companies and Liens (RCCM) to the Taxation Service.TAXATION OFFICE: ISSUING TAXATION DOCUMENTSThe file for the request for a Business License and Tax Payers’ card is composed of :• A request form;• A plan or attestation of location;• A photocopy of the attestation of registry at theRegister of Companies and Liens (RCCM) ;• A receipt for the payment of land tax.The Taxation Service attributes a Unique Identification Number to the company and equally issues a Tax Payers’ Card within 24 hours.The Taxation Agent establishes and issues the exempted license and then transfer the file to Service of the National Social Security Fund.THE SERVICES OFTHE NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDThe file is composed of:• A Tax Payers’ Card;• A Business License• A plan or attestation of location;• A photocopy of the attestation of registry at the Registry of Commerce and Liens (RCCM)• A receipt for the payment of land tax.The Agent at this service issues either an attesta- tion for the use of salaried staff or an attestation for the non-use of salaried staff.The complete file is assembled and transferred to the office of the Coordinator of the Centre.THE OFFICE OF THE COORDINATOR OF THE CENTRE:This entity is under the tutelage of the Ministry in charge of Small and Medium-size Enterprises and is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the coordination of services of the centre as pertains to the formalities for the creation of companies.The introductory sheet is finally transferred to the NSIFLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN341

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