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Direct And Indirect Taxations• General enforcement of value added tax (VAT), ensuring therefore a simplified and neutral indi- rect taxation for the enterprise;• Enforcement of zero rate of VAT on exported products enabling the reimbursement of the VAT paid on investment and operating expenditures of exporting enterprises;• The possibility of proceeding to degreessive and accelerated paying offs, and the authoriza- tion to carry forward negative results on subse- quent tax years to improve cash flow of enter- prise;• Tax exemptions on companies for the first three years of operation.REGISTRATIONModeration of registration duties for the creation of enterprises, the increase in capital, the fusion of companies, the movement of shares and social benefitsDUTIES AND TAXES APPLICABLE TO IMPORTDuties and taxes applicable to imports are divi- ded into four distinct categories:FIRST CATEGORYStaple commoditiesn Rate=5%;VAT=0% SECOND CATEGORYHousing property, raw materialsn Rate = 10%; VAT = 9.25% THIRD CATEGORYIntermediary productsn Rate = 20%; VAT = 19.25% FOUTH CATEGORYConsumer goodsn Rate = 20%; VAT = 19.25%For exchanges between member states of the community, there is a General Preferential Rate, which is 0% on plant gate price.TEMPORARY ADMISSIONTemporary admission (TA) is a suspended system of taxation for a determined maximum period.NORMAL TEMPORARY ADMISSIONThe normal temporary admission system (NTA) consists in suspending the payment of dutiesand taxes while using imported material for the execution of state-approved work (privileged sys- tems: procurement contracts and bilateral or mul- tilateral financial agreements).SPECIAL TEMPORARY ADMISSIONSpecial temporary admission system (STA) consists in the payment of customs duties and taxes by annuity.The fraction of duties charged on the imports is assessed according to the link that exists between the duration of utilisation in Cameroon and the duration of booked depreciation under the condi- tions of continuous usage.Special temporary admission is intended for construction companies that temporarily import pieces of equipment (machines and appliances) as well as transport vehicles, except for spare or rapid wear parts.DUTIES AND TAXES APPLICABLE TO EXPORTThey are divided into two big categories of pro- ducts, following the criteria below:RAW PRODUCTSCerealsn Exittax=0%;VAT=0%MANUFACTURED PRODUCTSn Exittax=2%;VAT=0%However, for products like coffee, cocoa, cotton banana and medicinal plants, the tax is 15% and VAT is 0%. For rough timber, exit tax is 17.5% and VAT, 0%. Import –export activities are done at cus- toms post. Reporting formats are the following:n Form D3 for importsn Form D6 for exportsn Form D8 for re-exportations n Form D 18 for NTAn Form D 18 for STAFor practical modes of import-export activities, the economic operator has to get in touch with a duly commissioned customs officer.WAREHOUSESThese are storage facilities created by the cus- toms department to help economic operators to secure their goods during storage. Duties and taxes are postponed in the course of the said period. Existing private warehouses require prior authorization from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN345

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