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Hiring and maintenance of meters and cut-outsFORCE IN KVA1. industrial zones and free industrial points systemProportional rate per kWh consumedFROM 11PM TO 6PMFrom0to200h 40F/kWFrom 201 to 400 h 35 F/kWAbove 400 h 30 F/kWFixed monthly prime per calculated kWHOURSMONOPHASED668668668668668836836836836836836836TREEPHASEDnoneNoneNoneNonenone1 585noneNone3 500NoneNoneNone1 9271 9272 0512 0512 0517 084FROM 6PM TO 11PM70F/kW70 F/kW70 F/kWAMOUNT16.5 None19.8 None26.4 none33.0 None39.6 None66.0 noneStreet lightingFrom0to200h 3500F/kWFrom 201 to 400 h 3 500 F/kWAbove 400 h 3 500 F/kWEnterprises set up in free zones or admitted into free industrial points system are exempted from initial payment on consumption.An additional rate of 10% shall be charged as guarantee in respect of the minimum export rate of 80% of the enterprise’s export in the said free zone or free point.This revenue is returned at the end of every tax year as assets after justification of the respect of the exportation fee of 80% of the production by AES-Sonel.HIGH TENSION CONSUMERSThe rates for the supply of high tension electricity to consumers are fixed within the framework of contracts drawn between AES-Sonel and the said customers, after the approval of the Electricity Regulation Board, in accordance with the provisions of the licensing agreements with AES-Sonel.TELECOMMUNICATIONSFIXED PHONERates for the installation of a fixed line vary from 40 000 to 100 000 CFAF according to the type of subscription.From January 1st to December 31, 55 F/kWhMEDIUM TENSION CONSUMERSThe rate is composed of 2 terms:• A proportional rate per consumed kWh and based on the calculated number of kWh to be used;• A fixed prime per subscribed kW of power; The above-mentioned terms are applied to the fol-lowing tables:General systemProportional rate per kWh consumedFROM 11PM TO 6PMFROM 6PM TO 11PMA) Intra-regional communications50 FCFAB) National communications70 FCFAC) Internet connection communications10 FCFAD) communications with mobile phones120 FCFAper minuteper minuteper minuteper minuteFrom0to200h 52F/kW 70F/kWFrom 201 to 400 h 50 F/kW+ 400 h 48 F/kWFixed monthly prime per calculated kWHOURS70 F/kW70 F/kWAMOUNTFrom0to200h 3500F/kWFrom 201 to 400 hBeyond 400 hours3 500 F/kW3 500 F/kWNB: A, B and C communications rates are lower at less congested moments, during official holidays and on week-ends.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN347

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