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348International communicationsAfricaNorth AmericaRest of America (including the Caribbean and the Pacific)AsiaFranceEuropeOceaniaCT phone (standard) communicationsParcel with indicated value (maximum weight)SPECIFICATION INTERNAL INTERNATIONALMails 2kg 2kg440 F/min400 F/min800F/min800F/min320 F/min400 F/min800 F/minSLACK PERIOD35 F/min35 F/min5 F/min140 F/minSLACK PERIOD25F/min30F/min5F/min84F/minBoxesParcelsUnlimited value15 kg3 kg3 kg3 kgRegionalNationalTo Internet serverTo mobile phonesPO BOXPLACEYaoundeandDoualaRegional HeadquartersDivisional head (except zone II)OtherareasSUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL SUBSCRIPTIONPEAK HOURS70 F/min70 F/min10 F/min140 F/minTax on postal tariffs proportional to the weight; recommended charges: 360 F for all systems; insurance tax: 0.5% of the true value; literature for the blind: exempted from postal duties.CT phone (company scale) communicationsINDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISES INDIVIDUAL20000F 30000F 10000F15 000 F 30 000 F 10 000 F12 000 F 25 000 F 5 000 F5000F 20000F 50000FENTERPRISES25000F25000F15000F15000F600 F1205F1440F1440F1440F1440F1440F1820F1824F2160F1338F2206F1003F2434F454 F274 F2506F600 F1089F546 F1200F1080F960 F1824FOne to the otherRegional and nationalTo Internet serverTo mobile phonesMOBILE PHONEPEAK HOURS50F/min60F/min10F/min84F/minTELEX SERVICE (RATES PER MINUTE)European countriesFranceGermanySpain, LuxemburgNetherlands, Portugal, RussiaEx-Czechoslovakia, FinlandYugoslavia, Romania, PolandSweden, Norway, GreeceItalyBelgiumUnited KingdomOther countriesCanada, Chile, IsraelJapanUSAChinaAfrican countriesGabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African RepublicCongo, ChadSouth African RepublicBenin, Niger, Mauritania, TogoCôte d’IvoireMali, MoroccoTunisiaSenegalNigeriaEgyptDepending on the operator, connecting rates vary from 10 000 to 20 000 CFAF inclusive tax, and the monthly subscriptions from 250 to 6 500 CFAF inclusive tax.Communications within Cameroon depending on the operatorCalls  100 à 210 F./mnSMS 60à80F.Others  100 à 240 F./mnInternational communications depending on the operatorAfricaWestern EuropeEastern EuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaRest of the worldPOST SERVICESMAIL20 grams mailsInternal systemPreferential systemInternational system100 grams parcelsInternal systemPreferential systemInternational system550 à 600 F./mn450 à 600 F./mn750 à 800 F./mn500 F./mn750 à 900 F./mn750 à 900 F./mn125 F200 F250 F 150 F225 F300 FLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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