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INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE PRICESEuropean countriesFranceGermany, Spain, LuxemburgRussia, PortugalEx-Czechoslovakia, Finland, NorwayYugoslavia, Romania, Poland, GreeceItalyBelgium, SwedenNetherlandsOthers countriesCanada, USAChile, Israel, ChinaJapanAfrican countriesGabon, Equatorial GuineaCongo, Chad (land)BeninCentral African RepMali, MoroccoTunisia, NigeriaSenegal, Chad (air)South African RepTRANSPORTATION OF GOODSLAND TRANSPORTAIR TRANSPORTAir freight tariff in CFAF/kg from Douala1200F2400F2400F2400F2400F2000F1840F1520F2000F3000F2 400 F600 F600 F560 F800 F1600F1200F880 F2400FDESTParisLondonZurichJeddahNew-YorkTokyoHong-KongAbidjanDakarLagosLibrevilleMIN. -45KG +45KG+500KG90072060028303 8307 2906 7407902 22580040037 80036 00036 0002800038 00045 40045 40026 00026 00026 00026 0003 5803 6953 56041605 9209 7208 9601 2752 9351 0705003002 7582 66531304 5207 2906 7409802 050820450MARITIME TRANSPORTTariffs from the National Ports Authority of Cameroon are fixed by Law N°23/MINDIC/DPPC/SDP of February 21, 1994 and include tariffs on ships, goods and other specific ones. Tariffs on goods are divided into loading and unloading tariffs.Since land transport was privatized, each com- pany of the sector applies its own rates.RAIL TRANSPORTRail transport is managed by CAMRAIL. The mini- mum rates for moving things in full wagons are as follows:Loading tariffsCoffeeCocoaCottonUnbarked woodCut woodCut woodBanana, pineapple and other fresh foodsCooking oilsHousehold soapUnloading tariffsAlcoholic drinksCereals except barley maltBarley malt, hopsConditioned cooking oilsFlour productsSalt and sugarConditioned salt and sugarTobacco derived-productsBuilding materials1Bathroom installations, ironworkHardware and glassLight petroleum productsHeavy petroleum productsMineral productsVehicles and machinesSpare partsElectric appliancesMachines and tools, material and furniture1 635 F/t1 395 F/t1 404 F/t407 F/t303 F/m3363 F/m3280 F/m3267 F/t508 F/t 7 554 F/t717 F/t929 F/t1 495 F/t826 F/t929 F/t1 495 F/t258 F/t495 F/t2 469 F/t1 733 F/t2 277 F/t1 502 F/t1 495 F/t7 554 F/t929 F/t2 469 F/t2 469 F/tGOODSUnbarked woodCut woodMIN TNGE .30/50 m330/50 m3TKM37.4544.0445.00****31.0022.0031.0038.7525.8731.0031.05**TKM49.0028.3031.0046.67<300 km46.167 +300kmHydrocarbons 40Alumina (raw material)Aluminium (finished prod.)Cotton lintGrains and oilcakesFlour and cerealsLive animalsChemicals and insecticidesLocal sugar--30405013/175050Assembling 40Exxon pipeline -GOODS MIN TNGE .Containers (taxed 12T/cont. 20)Building materialsOther goodsHydrocarbons (containers)14/275050-Tariffs are given in Cfa Francs ** as agreedLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN349

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