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352LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNThese include:• Improve productivity and competitiveness of companies;• Increase budgetary resources of the state;• Enable the Stet to concentrate availableresources on priority sectors;• Increase participation of the private sector in the financing of economic activities;• Mobilise national saving;• Favour the acquisition of new technologies• Establish a partnership between the State and the private sectorINSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORKDecree of 29 March 1995 to reorganise the mis- sion of rehabilitation of public companies, provi- ded the creation of a privatisation and liquidation technical commission, and an inter ministry com- mission. The privatisation process is the following:n The technical commission studiesthe files and makes recommendationsn The inter ministry committee gives decision proposalsn The prime minister forwards these suggestions with legal opinionto the presidency of the republicn The president of the republic takes the decision as last resortPRIVATISATION PROCESSIn conformity with article 4 of ordinance of 22 June 1990, companies to be privatised were subject to:• An evolution according to objective measures currently used and practised. These methods consider, according to an appropriate balance, to every case and in function of the privatisation mode retained the legacy value and the produc- tivity value of the company.• A call for competition through an call to tender, advert, under the supervision of the inter ministry committee in charge of privatisation, the commission in charge of privatisation proceeds to the evaluation of companies to privatise, and prepared the terms and references relative to each one of them.On the bases of evaluation results, the commis- sion lays it for the approval of the inter ministry committee, a privatisation file including:• A draft terms and references specifying the chosen privatisation mode, the price sought, payment modalities, and eventual accompanying measures;• Eventual preparatory measures to take, esta- blishes the final terms and references as well as the deadlines and forms in which the offers should be received.The head office of the SCDP to DoualaThe committee settles the preparatory measures to take, establishes the final terms and references as well as the deadlines and the form in which offers should be received.In all cases, including when the privatisation mode calls for a or management renal contract, the book of specifications specifies the terms and references that are essential for the contract to be concluded.The commission opens the sealed offers received in the forms and deadlines required. It evaluates them and suggests a classification to the inter ministry committee in charge of privatisation.The privatisation operation shall be concluded with the best bidder that meets the following criteria amongst others:n The price proposed and the incidence of the operation on State finances, employment, environment and national economy;n Technical and financial guarantees offered for the successful follow up the privatised company.Negotiations to conclude privatisation conven- tions are led by the commission in charge of pri- vatisation with the chosen bidder by the inter ministry committee. Privatisation conventions are signed in the name of the State and public organs by the president of the inter ministry commission.METHODS AND PRIVATISATION PROCEDURESWhen the corporate capital of the company to be privatised is divided into shares, privatisation is done by the disposal of the totality of the said shares to one or more physical or corporate bodies for private interest.When a public company that has a corporate capital divided into shares is not completely owned by the State, or public organs (case of mixed economy companies) or when though the State and public organs own all the shares,

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