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358LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMULTILATERAL COOPERATIONOver the past years, Cameroon’s multilateral backers focused most on funding infrastructures (roads, bridges), education, health, business development, environmental protection, urban sanitation support to micro-finance and decentralization.Out of many cases, a particular one draws our attention because of its topical nature and its significance: The European Union (EU). For the period 2014-2020, Cameroon and the EU signed the eleventh European Development Fund (EDF), amounting to 185 billion CFA Francs.Two main sectors are targeted: governance, especially as regards public finance, justice, human rights and fight against corruption; then, rural integrated development where they aim at increasing production, improving food security, opening up production areas and helping small and medium-sized enterprises.For the period 2008-2013, Cameroon received more than 176 billion CFA francs in the same programme. Other major multilateral donors of Cameroon include the World Bank (WB), the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the African Development Bank (ADB).A FEW MAJOR INTERNATIONAL GROUPSForeign direct investments (FDI) in Cameroon do not merely come from institutions, States and other international organizations.A great number of groups and leading firms play a role of the utmost importance in the different development projects in the country. French group Bolloré for example, participates both in port business and rail transport.In recent years, Cameroon saw emerging some large international groups from all continents. The remarkable arrival of Chinese major groups shows at will the opening of the investment mar- ket in Cameroon.In the same vein, we could mention the recent implication of the Chinese Sichuan Hanlong Group Co Ltd in the iron mining project of Mbalam; the breakthrough of the ZTE Group in the telephony market, the signifi- cant contribution of China Exim Bank for the development of hydro-electric projects in the country, or the setting up of Sino Cam Iko, a Chinese multinational company specialized in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products.Company bottling line Brasseries du Cameroon (Castel Group)

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