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With its “consumers and industrialists” offer, TRA- DEX has gained a foothold in the production of electric power by supplying some thermal power plants in fuel; the public buildings and works sec- tor, through the supply to companies in the sector in POL a part of the projects it is carrying out, brewing industry, agri-business and aviation.ADAPTED LUBRICANTSTO AFRICAN ENVIRONMENTTRADEX has capitalized on the most successful experiences in matter of research and develop- ment of lubricants to create a range of lubricants from base oils and additives that offer exceptio- nal molecular structures. Marketed under the tra- demark TRADEX LUBRICANTS, TRADEX’s lubri- cants retain a high-performance level in situation of mechanical, thermal or chemical prompting.TRADEX lubricants meet the standards of industry and specifications of key industrial equipment manufacturers. They cover the needs of engine oils, transmission, boxes, axles, grease and specialties. TRADEX lubricants are designed to promote easier operation of the engine and a reduction of friction, which induces and optimization of power.Boasting 30 products, TRADEX LUBRICANTS represent a range of lubricants for industry, ship- ping and car industry.RELIABILITY, SECURITY AND AVAILABILITY IN THE SERVICE OF HOUSEHOLDSLaunched in March 2013, TRADEX GAS trade- mark has distinguished itself when they brought domestic gas bottles having specific properties on the market, which are as many innovations withregard to Reliability, Safety and Ergonomics. The TRADEX gas bottle stands out for its ability to inform the client on the volume of gas it contains when it is purchased and during use. Made from a high- security metal alloy, it prevents the risk gas leak and displays a lighter weight. Equipped with plastic rounded handles, the TRADEX gas bottle prevents from risks relating to manual handling of the bottles.DIVERSIFIED PAYMENT METHODSAt TRADEX, the client has several ways to pay for his order. In addition to the means of conventio- nal payment, TRADEX has developed and pla- ced on the market the TRAD’Card, a new gene- ration electronic payment card designed to assist sensible managers in the mastery of their expen- diture with regard to petroleum products. The TRAD’Card has three exclusive benefits:• An exclusive safety device that destroys any attempt of fraud• The possibility granted each fleet manager to manage the consumption of its fleet indepen- dently through the dedicated portal Web• A dedicated SMS service that informs clients on his critical statements.Several companies adopted the TRAD’Card for the management of their fuel consumption as a result of its reliability, the security it brings them and the savings they succeeded having by adopting it.At TRADEX, you are also given the possibility to pay for your consumption by using fuel coupons. Worth 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 FCFA, TRA- DEX fuel coupons are personalized and valid 3 months to 1 year nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN361

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