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Ministry of FinanceThe Ministry of Finance is responsible for the working-out and implementation of Government’s policy in financial, budgetary, fiscal and monetary matters. It is positioned as a first-class department, anxious to contribute effectively to speeding up Cameroon’s progress to become an emerging country...A BOOST TO THE EMERGENCEEven in the midst of unfavourable international context and national circumstances, the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) applies itself to effectively car- rying out its tasks, with the overall vision of spee- ding up the progress of Cameroon to the Emergence. Therefore, 2015 was marked by a drastic drop in crude oil prices. Other items impacted both the management and the results of MINFI including: the slowing growth in emerging countries, the abovementioned drop in oil prices; geopolitical and security tensions in the Middle East; the slowdown in economic activity toward the Northern and Eastern Cameroon, due to the displacements of populations for security rea- sons; the congestion experienced by the Port of Douala, etc.In this context, measures both strategic and ope- rational were adopted:• The adoption of a Three-year Emergency Plan (2015-2017) to speed up the economic growth, with a budget of 925 billion CFA francs, part of which (750 billion), was to be raised on the inter- national financial markets;• Raising the precautionary blocking of 10 to 20% of resources allocated to the various offi- cials in charge of the actions, following the very high instructions by the President of the Republic on the reduction in State spending;• Strengthening the quality of public spending as well as the strategic and operational steering sys- tem, through the effective implementation of management control within the MINFI’s pro- grammes;• The speeding-up of reforms for optimum mobi- lization of non-oil resources.FIGHT AGAINST CUSTOMS FRAUDVarious programs of the Ministry of Finance were carried out; they focused on: the mobilization ofnon-oil revenues also with actions in the areaof tax business environment; the Treasury anddebt management, further with actions to bet-ter monitoring of the Domestic Financial Market. Improved budgetary management ofthe State was also on MINFI’s 2015 road-map. Among other promising actions, we should point out that the fight against customsfraud and illegal trafficking has intensified >>>The office of the Ministry of Finance in YaoundeLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN37

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