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38LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNwith respect to the security context of the moment. More than 3,700 seizures took place across the national territory, allowing at the same time to reduce the level of rights that were compromised.To improve the tax business environment, MINFI has taken a series of measures that helped redu- cing significantly the time spent by the taxpayer to fulfill his tax obligations. The said time moved from 720 hours in 2014 to less than 600 hours in late September 2015. This was made possi- ble thanks to the simplification of some proce- dures, including the registration of public pur- chase, whose deadlines moved from 10 days in 2014 to 48 hours in 2015. We may also men- tion the establishment of modern facilitation tools of tax transactions. This is the case of "Mobile Tax", which allows, since the 1st quarter 2015, that people liable for tax on land ownership based in Yaoundé or Douala, should pay the tax from their mobile phone. Besides, the Telephone Call Centre for taxpayers’ inquiries was made available, and about ten taxpayers guidebooks were produced and disseminated.FINANCING THE ECONOMYAs part of the program “State’s treasury and debt management, public accounting and financing the economy” to improve the efficiency ofThe office of the Directorate General of Customs in Yaoundethe Treasury, MINFI got down to the task of improving the efficiency of the Treasury and optimizing the use of resources mobilized to finance the economy. Performance assessment here is through the “Payment Deadline”, which serves as an indicator.At 30 September 2015, State’s expenditure incurred in the normal procedure are paid within an average of 60 days from the date of liquidation. The performance is the result of strict monitoring of expenses, through the respect of chronological order of payments, a better collaboration between the players and an increasingly active management of State treasury.Under the same program, important activi- ties were carried out, which allowed, for ins- tance, the effective opening of the Cameroon SMEs Bank’s counters. The credit institution has just increased the supply of finance for SMEs / SMIs, which represent over 60% of the national economy. It is also the translation into practice of a commitment of the Head of State made during the Agricultural Show at Ebolowa. Another aim of the MINFI is the modernization process of State’s budget management. This had to do with favouring a proper implementation the budgetary reform of the State.

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