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CORRECTING FAILURESIn MINFI, it is clear that in 2016 will see the start of a new three-year program; a three-year period that should benefit by an improvement of the way programmes are formulated, a three-year period during which programme indicators would be more significant, more realistic and more achie- vable. It therefore appears as an opportu- nity for the purpose of consolidating the achievements and ensuring a successful implementation of reforms.Over the period 2016-2018, the MINFI intends to make every effort to correct the fai- lures identified during the previous three years, including among others: a laborious reform appropriation on public contracts, causing delays in the launch of the procurement proce- dures; insufficient control of the effects of some innovations of the New Financial Regime; slow upgrading process of some procedures, parti- cularly in relation to expenditure; training and public awareness to the still insufficient reform; a budgetary discipline to be fine-tuned.All these observations are actually challenges that the Ministry intends to take up through a series of actions as:• Speeding up the implementation of the budge- tary and accounting reform for its completion;• Finalizing an integrated management system of Public finances;• Continuing the modernization of the Civil Service in particular through the promotion of results-based management;• Supporting the SIGIPES II ongoing reform;• Strengthening training and education on thereform;• Speeding up the transposition of CEMAC’s directives of2011 on Public Finances in the legal corpus;• Consolidating administration base perfor- mances;• Adopting and implementing a long-term buil- ding program in the Ministry of Finance.Obviously, the MINFI intends to keep pace with the course of reforms, while aiming at a better support to the budget plan of Growth and Employment Strategy Paper(GESP) and all public policies implemented by the Government. By focusing on the continuation of the programmes carried out so far, the Ministry is fully aware of the challenges ahead, and specifically to maintain the momentum of positive results observed for some time now nMister Alamine Ousmane Mey, Minister of FinanceLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN39

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