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The tenth edition of the “Atouts Economiques du Cameroun” appears in 2017. I salute the perseverance of its promoters who have set themselves the target of contributing towards the success of our project to become an emerging country in 2035.In early 2016, the Managing Director of the IMF, visiting Cameroon, paid tribute to the “resilience” of our economy in spite of an unfavorable international environment marked by the fall in oil and raw materials prices. It should be pointed out that, beforehand, we had decided to speed up the implementation of our first generation major projects in the fields of energy and transport infrastructure.A few months later, the international financial organization asked us to consider the risk of a slowdown in economic growth in our regional economic zone. We drew the conclusions and prepared necessary measures, including activating our major second generation projects and continuing to diversify our economy.In the years ahead, we will focus on industrialization, agribusiness and digital economy.

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