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40LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNDirectorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary CooperationQuality approach and performance of the services are part of the priorities of the Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Cooperation (DGTCFM). A few reforms aiming at boosting financing of the Cameroonian Economy ...AN ESSENTIAL LINKThe Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Cooperation (DGTCFM) is an essential link in the national economic life. As an illustration, we should men- tion a few actions taken during the 2015 fiscal year by the department: the control of State and equivalents’ payment of expenditure deadlines; the control of financial and accounting risks; improvement of financial services rendered by the Treasury; effective monitoring of the insu- rance sector.Actions have also been undertaken to improve the quality of service within the DGTCFM, parti- cularly within the Treasury network, by: streng- thening cash management; reducing the public expenditure payment deadline; improving the quality of accounts; improving the quality of the banking service at the Treasury; risk control.It’s equally worth mentioning the measures imple- mented for the improvement of the quality of ser- vice at financial sector level. On this specific point, as regards credit institutions, there were among others, the dissemination of the guaran- teed minimum banking services, the intensifica- tion of administrative controls and the opening of the SMEs Bank’s counters. At the micro- finance activity level, prudential supervision was noted, the distribution of the list of accredited microfinance institutions and support to institu- tions undergoing difficulties. Regarding insu- rance companies there have been administra- tive and technical controls of all stakeholders in the sector, but also the technical monitoring of constantly monitored companies, under settle- ment or temporary administration.FINANCE FUNCTIONBesides, considerable progress has been recor- ded as part of the finance function of Directorateof the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Cooperation, and this through:• Increasing the supply in national economy financing of through effective opening of the SMEs Bank’s counter;• Monitoring the implementation of the Bank of Agriculture;• Implementing innovative financing mecha- nisms in the private sector: leasing and factoring.The Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Cooperation also has a number of challenges to take up in the future including that of modernization, through which the DGTCFM should acquire advanced work tools and take absolute ownership of ICTs. Thereafter, the challenge of improving the proce- dures for public expenditure payment, which requires lower handling of cash and improve- ment of the Treasury’s banking service. Another challenge is managing relations with users, which involves the improvement of the quality of service provided, as well as continuing fighting the phenomenon of intermediaries.The challenge of managing human resources should also be pointed out: This has to do with upgrading officials and executives skills at both the strategic and operational levels, in an ever-changing context of public and private finances reforms.Various measures have been taken as part of an action plan to further improve the quality of ser- vice and performance within the DGTCFM. They include: strengthening the planning process; strengthening monitoring systems; making more dynamic the management control. But also: the systematization of reception and inquiries facili- ties to all services dealing with users; ICTs use and display technique; resorting to suggestion boxes; shortening the processing times n

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