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Directorate General of CustomsThe Directorate General of Customs committed to a process of reform and modernization since ten years ago. It is the sector of public services at the service of performance and emer- gence of Cameroon ...FIGHT AGAINST BAD PRACTICESCameroon Customs services are facing many challenges whose answers can optimize the qua- lity of service. The said challenges are related to: the reduction of cost and time delays for the movement goods, preservation of fair competi- tion between economic actors, consolidation of the partnership approach, transparency and pre- dictability of procedures, professional ethics and fight against bad practices, development of digi- tal applications, management of human resources as well as their safety.To go further, Customs services embarked on several projects. For example, they had to refine the targeting system and use noninvasive methods in the inspection of goods by the pur- chase of scanners to secure and facilitate the examination of goods. Afterward, to develop shops and outdoor clearance areas.It is also important to increase the performance of economic operators themselves, while having a watchful eye on fair competition. Thereupon, Customs services must constantly improve its contribution to the competitiveness of national platforms and act in support of projection strate- gies of Cameroonian companies on the interna- tional market. Still concerning the same points, they have to make sure of strict enforcement of legal and regulatory mechanism of suppression of acts of fraud, smuggling and counterfeiting. But also to foster collaboration of businesses suf- fering from the effects of smuggling, counterfei- ting and dumping; to strengthen and automate the device for the management of exemptions.RAISING REVENUES: A CHALLENGETo support the option of consolidating the increase in budget revenues as reflected in the 2016 Finance Act, the guidelines for that finan- cial year fixed the customs revenue forecasts at 752.1 billion CFA francs.For the Customs Departments, securing the reve- nues remains a priority mission, to be executed in an environment marked by the depreciation of crude oil price on the international markets, inse- curity at the borders, funding of the Emergency Plan for a sped up growth, etc. To fulfill at best this mission, the Customs services intends to: strengthen the monitoring and recovery of the amounts still to be recovered; consolidate the continuation and implementation of performance contracts; optimize and harmonize the assessment and taxation bases of goods in border areas.Another challenge is the consolidation of partner- ship-based approach: The requirement appeals to pave the way of excellence by supporting business development strategies, the strengthe- ning of customs control measures of trade and the extension of the Customs/Businesses contractual arrangements.The challenge for the Customs services in this respect is maintaining a determined effort of structuration and densification of dialogue with the partners. In this context, the following guide- lines have been adopted: the continuing implementation of the operator contracts policy; the completion of the restructuring efforts of the Customs/Businesses Forum; the institutionalization of periodic consultations with the entire supply chain.A CLEAR ROADMAPThe roadmap of Customs services also plans to address the challenge of transparency and pre- dictability of procedures. For, in a context of glo- balization of trade, foreign trade formalities must guarantee high degree of transparency and pre- dictability for the various stakeholders. Progress has certainly been made in this area, but there are a number of shortcomings remaining it would be proper to keep a constant watchful eye on. nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN41

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