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47Institutional, Administrative And Political OrganizationINSTITUTIONAL ORGANIZATIONCONSTITUTIONThe current institutional and political organization of the Republic of Cameroon takes its legitimacy and its foundations from Law No. 96/06 of 18 January 1996 amending the Constitution on 2nd June 1972. The current constitutional provisions were adopted by the National Assembly and promulga- ted by the President of the Republic after wide consultation of all segments of Cameroon society.In the Preamble to the Constitution, the People of Cameroon, proud of their linguistic and cultural diversity, solemnly proclaim that they constitute one and the same Nation, bound by the same destiny. The people express their "unwavering determina- tion to build the Cameroonian Fatherland on the basis of the ideals ideal of fraternity, justice and progress." The preamble also proclaims the adhe- rence of the Republic of Cameroon to the funda- mental democratic principles universally recogni- zed, to the principles of African Unity and those enshrined in the United Nations Charter.The people of Cameroon affirm their commitment to the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Charter, and the rights of the African Charter.Human and Peoples Rights and all international conventions relating thereto duly ratified.The following principles are solemnly affirmed:• The human being, regardless of gender, race, reli- gion, creed, possesses inalienable and sacred rights;• All men are equal in rights and duties.• The State shall provide all citizens the condi-tions necessary for their development;• Freedom and security are guaranteed to each individual in accordance with the rights of others and the best interests of the State;• The home is inviolable.• No search may take place only under the law;• Compliance with all correspondence shall be inviolable; it cannot be infringed upon, except under decisions from the judiciary;• The State is secular;• The law cannot have retroactive effects;• The State guarantees children the right to education;• All citizens must participate, each proportiona- tely with their capacity for public office. They must also contribute to the defense of the homeland.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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