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51The Governor ensures the maintenance of the order by applying the laws and regulations pas- sed by the Parliament.The Governor shall, under the authority of the competent ministers, ensure the overall supervi- sion, coordination and control of the activity of decentralized services of the State in the region, with the exception of those relating to justice.Regional delegates, heads of technical depart- ments, managers of public and Para public orga- nizations within its territory must inform the Governor of all.The Governor takes all the measures deemed necessary for the proper functioning of public ser- vices. The Governor regularly reports on their coordination action to the President of the Republic, through hierarchical processes.Regions and regional headquarters of CameroonServices of the Center Regionthe Republic is divided into administrative consti- tuencies that make up the following administra- tive structure:n The regions;n The divisions;n The Subdivisions.Cameroon has 10 regions, 58 divisions, and 306 sub-divisions (in November 2008). The 54 districts which existed prior to the above Decree will be transformed into sub-divisions. Administrative constituencies are created on the entire National territory.REGIONSThe regions are under the authority of a Governor. According to the provisions of Decree No. 2008/377 of 12th November 2008 esta- blishing the powers of heads of administrative units and on the organization and functioning of their services, the Governor dwells in the capital of the region.He is the representative of the President and cus- todian of the State authority. The action of the Governor extends throughout the territory of the Region.The regional Governor is both the representative of the Government and individual ministers. As such, the Governor represents the State in all acts of civil and legal life.The Governor is responsible for execution or enforcement of the execution of laws.REGIONSAdamaouaCentreEastHEADQUARTERSNgaoundéréYaoundéBertouaFar-North MarouaLittoralNorthNorth-WestWestSouthDoualaGarouaBamendaBafoussamEbolawaSouthwest BueaDIVISIONSThe Division is the administrative constituency immediately below the Region. Each Region is divided into divisions.The Division is headed by the Divisional officer, senior official appointed by decree of the President of the Republic and placed under the authority of the regional Governor. Custodian of the authority of the State in their administrative constituency, the Divisional officer is the representative of the Government and of individual ministers.The Divisional Officer is vested on behalf of the Government, with a permanent and general mis- sion of information and coordination in security mat- ters, economic, social and cultural life at the level of the division. Under the authority of competent minis- ters and the Regional Governor, the Divisional Officer has general supervision, facilitation, coordi- nation and control of decentralized State services in the Division, with the exception of justice.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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