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MINISTRYMINISTRY OF ARTS AND CULTUREAMOUNT100.000.000ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN❚ Rehabilitation and promotion of local museums❚ Organization of local literary and artis- tic competitions❚ Creating and managing of socio cultu- ral centers and librariesMINISTRY OF BASIC EDUCATION To be determined educational facilities❚ Fight against illiteracy❚ Establishment of infrastructure and❚ Furnishing of natural language promo- tional equipment❚ Electrification of needy areas MINISTRY OF WATER AND ENERGY 4.950.000.000 ❚ Protection of ground and superficialwater resourcesMINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, NATURE CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT1.000.000.000❚ Monitoring and control of industrial waste management❚ Fight against the water hyacinthMINISTRY OF HABITATAND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT❚ Private parcelingTo be determined ❚ Communal parceling❚ Cooperative DevelopmentMINISTRY OF FOREST AND WILDLIFE❚ Creation of communal forestry plantationsMINISTRY OF YOUTH AND CIVIC EDUCATION❚ Construction and equipment of multi- functional centers for youth develop-mentMINISTRY OF COMMERCE 300.000.000❚ Construction of periodic markets in 12 townsMINISTRY OF TRANSPORTS 200.000.000❚ Construction of pilot bus stations in Douala and YaoundéMINISTRY OF MINES INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT150.000.000 ❚ Creation of industrial zonesMINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT3.750.000.000 ❚ Rural mini infrastructure developmentMINISTRY OF LIVESTOCK, FISHERIES AND ANIMAL INDUSTRIES2.500.000.000 ❚ Rural mini infrastructure developmentMINISTRY OF SMALL AND MEDIUMENTERPRISES, SOCIAL ECONOMY 950.000.000 ❚ Organization of the social economyAND HANDCRAFTSMINISTRY OF TOURISM AND RECREATION 645.000.000 ❚ Development of commercial attractionsMINISTRY IN CHARGE OF PROMOTING 672.035.000 ❚ Maintenance management of the WOMEN AND FAMILY women and family centers❚ Creation and construction of unclassi- MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS 7.700.000.000 fied rural roads❚ Construction of crossing axes56LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNCONTROLPROMOTING TRANSPARENCYThe original ideals of rigor and moralization, the ideological basis of National Rebirth (RenouveauNational), have been experiencing in recent years a renewed vitality and confirmation. The Government is committed to promote transpa- rency in governance and fight vigorously against corruption, embezzlement of public funds, laxitySkills and resources to be transferred to municipalities by divisions in 2015

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