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60LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNThe three main socio-occupational organizations of employers are:n The Cameroon Inter-employers Group (GICAM)n The Cameroon Union of Industrialists (SYNDUSTRICAM)n The Movement of Enterprises of Cameroon (MECAM)RELATIONSHIP WITHTHE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE (ILO)Cameroon keeps close partnership with the International Labor Office (ILO). The main objec- tives of this cooperation are: exercise of funda- mental human rights at work, employment promo- tion, vocational training, fight against poverty, capacity building of the social partners (through organizations of employers and workers). Many programs are conducted jointly with a view to improving working conditions and protecting social peace. These are, the Project "Jobs for Africa", the Training program of the social dia- logue in Africa (PRODIAF) and in a near future, the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC).It should be noted here that Cameroon joined the fight against child labor by ratifying Conventions No. 138 and No. 182 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) concerning respectively the minimum age and the elimination of the worst forms of child laborCONSULAR CHAMBERSThere are two main Consular Chambers in CameroonCHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE,LIVESTOCK AND FOREST OF CAMEROONEstablished on 12th December 1978, the Chamber is a public establishment with legal per- sonality and financial autonomy, administered by a President and a Secretary General appointed by decree. The primary function of this chamber is to represent agricultural, pastoral and forestry interests with public authorities. The Chamber of Agriculture, Livestock and Forests of Cameroon (CAEFC) is under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Livestock. It is under the management control of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Livestock.CHAMBER OF COMMERCE,INDUSTRY, MINES AND HANDCRAFTS OF CAMEROONThe CCIMAC established on 19th August 1974 has set itself the objective of ensuring the repre- sentation of business, industry, handicrafts and mining of Cameroon. Public institution with legal personality and financial autonomy, it is adminis- tered by a President and a Secretary General appointed by decree. A Financial Committee supervises management. The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Handicrafts of Cameroon is under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce.The offices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yaoundé

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