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62LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNfor regional players in matters of discipline was even organized by the Discipline and Litigation Division from the 28 to 30 October 2015.Regarding the mapping of positions, as part of the provisional management of staffing,jobs and skills of State personnel, a diagnosis led to the production, then validation of a support stra- tegy for the departments to implement the provi- sional management of the staffing, jobs and skills.As regards further Administrative Reform, MINFOPRA’s efforts in 2015 focused on consoli- dating the Reform on decentralization of the management of State personnel and salary. But also on: The development of Administrative pro- cedures manuals, user’s manuals and administra- tive procedures manuals on human resources management; the elaboration of bills and orga- nic frameworks; the continuation of the project to introduce Performance Standards in the Public services; the definition of minimum quality stan- dards service taking into account the ratio gen- der/person with disability; the modernization of the legal framework of the Civil Service.Regarding the “Governance and institutional sup- port” program, there has been constructioninfrastructure and acquisition of working materials and equipment; intensification of internal control and assessment of services operation. It’s worth specifying that in-house governancewas a main line of MINFOPRA’s action in 2015. In this context, some audit, inspection and assess- ment missions for the running of operational struc- tures were carried out throughout the year in theA working session of PINORAC CommitteeCentral Services and decentralized relays, as well. It’s important to underline, for illustration sake, the visits to Regions in order to assess the actions taken for the improvement of working conditions and environment at large.The strengthening of discipline was not outdone with, in particular, the continuing implementation of the system of biometric control for actual pre- sence at workplace that was established a few years back. The plan of action is called to be strengthened by the establishment of a State per- sonnel biometric database whose study is already completed.NATIONAL TRAINING PLANAs for outlook, the Ministry’s Roadmap is also quite heavy. Therefore, regarding improvement of the State’s human resources management, spe- cial emphasis will be laid on: the organization of recruitments in the Civil Service; the implementa- tion of a National Training Plan of State Personnel; the proofreading of career manage- ment texts ; the development of laws and regula- tions relating to the status of State personnel; the development of a support strategy of depart- ments in the implementation of the Reference Framework of Provisional Management for State’s human resources; the updating of the mapping of workstations in the Cameroonian Civil Service.Within the framework of the same program we equally have: The establishment of a mechanism of control of State’s staffing; the planning and programming of requirements in human resources in State departments; the design of a plan of

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