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63action for the loyalty State personnel at their workstations decentralized departments; the esta- blishment of a SIGIPES’s data backup system; the training of regional actors within the framework of the first sessions of the Regional Disciplinary Boards of the Civil Service; the development and popularization of the Handbook of State’s Legal representative; the continuation consolida- tion process of the stabilization of State’s salary and personnel database.PUBLIC SERVICES PERFORMANCEThe further Administrative reform, whose objective is to help increase the performance of Public Services, and as indicator the level of implemen- tation of the Reform, also has prospects. It will be for example: popularizing the Reforms Conducting Manual; implementing the new eva- luation system of public officers’ results in three Departments (MINSANTE, MINFI, MINTP); deve- loping and editing an IT masterplan of MINFO- PRA; dematerializing administrative procedures in10 Departments; popularizing the tools and pro- jects of administrative reforms; developing and updating the organic frameworks of ministerial departments; popularizing the performance stan- dards in Cameroon's Civil Service; following through the implementationof the Administrative Procedures Manuals in the departments equipped with; designing the methodological guide for the development of technical procedures; dematerializing the admi- nistrative procedures; extending the network in optical fibre preparatory to interconnecting the central and decentralized departments and bodies under the supervision of MINFOPRA.Similarly, the Department will strive to: continue the development of Administrative Procedures Manuals and user’s manuals in the different departments; continue the adaptation or updating of procedures manuals on human resource mana- gement; continue the support to departments in the use of human resources management tools and, especially those relating to the automation of promotions and pension calculation; speed up, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and other relevant authorities, the implementation of the SIGIPES II project, to allow the State to have a single database for the management of careers and salaries; step up departments support in implementing the reform on the devolution of State’s management of human resources.Further, to continue, in partnership with the UNDP, the project for the improvement of ser- vices provided to users of the Public Service; to continue the monitoring and evaluation of admi- nistrative reforms.IMPROVING INTERNAL CONTROLThe Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform is also meant to be ambitious as part of its “Governance and Institutional Support” pro- gram for 2016. Among other activities planned: the continuing construction work of the regional delegation for the Centre; the continuing construction work of the regional delegations of the Littoral and North; equipping and mainte- nance of buildings; the improvement of users reception and inquiry system; the stabilization of MINFOPRA’s salary and Personnel database; the improvement of internal control system; the upda- ting MINFOPRA’s sectoral strategy; the purchase of computer and office equipment for the central and decentralized departments; the continuation of capacity-building of MINFOPRA’s personnel; the continuation of improvement of the workplace and working environment in the central and decentralized departments; the maintenance of IT capabilities and the network of the Ministry; legal monitoring; the development of a Strategy of statistical information production nThe premises of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative ReformLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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