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launching of tenders on 1st January 2017 and the award of all contracts latest on 30th April 2017. This is to allow a period of eight months for execution. At the end, it is the eradication of under-consumption of credits that is targeted. To this end, MINMAP also appealed to compliance from financial controllers of the 72-hour period allowed for appending their visas on the contracts or notifying their rejection. We should mention a deplorable situation at MINMAP: repeatedly and unusually long deadlines recor- ded at the level of these actors.Companies were also asked to show more pro- fessionalism by respecting the specifications, quality of services and contractual deadlines. To sort out, the Ministry has undertaken to rank com- panies according to their performance at the end of each budgetary year. Those whose default will be established will no longer be admitted to ten- der for the following financial year.The 2015 annual conferences have scheduled for 2016, 6560 contracts worth a total of 1154 billion F. As of 30th November 2016, only 58 of the 304 tender documents (DAOs) for the Central Commissions were sent to MIN- MAP, for a rate of 19%. The performance is more brilliant at the level of the decentralized departments of MINMAP, where 98% of the DAOs have been transmitted,100% of tenders launched and 98% signed and notified. The overall execution rate of the contracts in the regions is 74%, of which 53% has been received. At the level of the ministerialCompanies are called to comply with the specificationscommissions, 93% of tenders have been laun- ched and 72% of contracts are in progress. Encouraging figures, some of which can still be strongly improved.REFORM IN PROGRESSAll this shows that the reform of public contracts has been under way for several years already in Cameroon. This bodes well for a country resolu- tely on the path to Emergence, set by 2035. The significant results gathered in recent months and the outlook for the year 2015, reveal the impor- tance this young Ministry, created in 2009, takes on today, due in particular to the above-mentio- ned reform. Pending the results in 2017, it is worth recalling activities carried out successfully in recent years, including: programming and award of public contracts; check of the execution of the public contracts; training and information; governance; and strengthening the Department's capacity for action.Other good points recorded over time by MIN- MAP: overall, the award of public contracts was marked by the contracting of other large-scale operations in the area of roads, buildings and amenities, other infrastructures, general supplies and services and consultancy activities. Significant advances can also be mentioned in terms of increased controls over the execution of public contracts. In this register, MINMAP has put a lot of efforts in physico-financial control of the contracts in the field, through its central, regional and divisional control brigades. > > >LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN65

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