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66LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNOn governance, the MINMAP spared no effort in the direction of the repression of all acts of bad governance, and especially the cases of fraud and corruption that were hunted tooth and nail. For example, in 2014, 56 companies were excluded from public contracts for various fraudu- lent practices. MINMAP also excluded 26 per- sons from any activity relating to the award and control of public contracts since they have acted contrary to the values which the reform intends to promote. One of the most noteworthy cases in this register is the outright relieved of a MINMAP's official from office and its subsequent transfer to his administration of origin.BOOSTING THE GROWTHThe allocation of two African Nations Cups to Cameroon involved a special deployment. As a result of the implementation of projects related to the organization of these competitions in 2016 and 2019. The first CAN was held, with a real success in terms of organization. There is no doubt that the challenge of holding the one in 2019 will be met with the same success. MINMAP will once again play a key role in contracting, monitoring and controlling related contracts. Furthermore, the impro- vement of the framework and working conditions remains a priority. In recent years, the construction of the premises to house the various Regional and Divisional Delegations has continued.As regards the information system, MINMAP undertook the development of its website and the implementation of its computerized master plan, while embarking on the study on the implementa- tion of a genuine network infrastructure . And speaking of the “Award” programme, the trai- ning of the personnel and actors of the system will continue to retain, as in the past, all the atten- tion of the hierarchy of the Ministry.Generally speaking, it committed to carrying out its activities in a context marked by a return to budget austerity, which in turn is perfectly in line with the highest prescriptions of the President of the Republic on the reduction in State spending. In the wake of this, it is a question of being more rigorous in the management of the credits alloca- ted to the delegated and secondary authorizing officers, bearing in mind what should be called the ethics of public affairs.And, speaking precisely of the ethics of public affairs, which goes hand in hand with the quest for governance in the public contracts system, MINMAP is constantly calling for respect for the moral and ethical values that must be based on everyone's conviction and guide the action of all. The “zero tolerance” this Administration has deci- ded to inflict on corruption will continue to take on its common sense nTo optimize the performance, MINMAP has ordered the transfer of tender documents before the end of the year“zero tolerance” against corruption

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