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ADMINISTRATIONCity Hall - YAOUNDÉTel. (237) 222 22 39 77 (237) 222 22 27 55Fax. (237) 222 22 07 21YAOUNDE CITY COUNCILThe City Council of Yaoundé is a legal entity which has legal personality and financial autonomy, works for a good Contribute to the development and management of the Cameroonian capital ...YAOUNDÉ, INCREASINGLY BEAUTIFULAn expression well known to Cameroonians says: the city of Yaoundé headquarters the institu- tions. Certainly, this state of affairs confers spe- cial status on it among the Cameroonian cities. And for this, Yaoundé has to show, at all times, a nice face, and must guarantee comfort and well- being to its populations, whether fluctuant or esta- blished ones. The City Council of Yaoundé is and therefore remains involved in a process which begun several years ago, aiming at improving the living environment of the populations and mobility within the Capital City of Cameroon.In order to achieve the various objectives targe- ted, including stowing Yaoundé, “The City of the Seven Hills” to modernity, the City Council is duty bound to fulfill a number of tasks. In fact, its scope of activities is large and varied.Thus, at the end of the texts in force, the City Council of Yaoundé is responsible for:• The creation, maintenance, management of green spaces, parks and community gardens;• The management of lakes and rivers of commu- nity interest;• The monitoring and handling of industrial waste;• the cleaning of community public roads and spaces; As well as the collection, removal and treatment of domestic waste;• The creation, development, maintenance, ope- ration and management of community facilities.SANITATION, SEWAGE AND STORMWATERFor several years, the city of Yaoundé has suffe- red from floods. A problem largely due to the lack of public spirit of the populations that used to obstruct the streams by throwing in all sorts of waste. We should mention that this situation waslikely to reduce the attractiveness and even com- petitiveness of the Cameroonian capital, which is also home to many industrial units as well as several shopping areas. The City Council of Yaoundé tackled the problem head-on. Not only has it carried out extensive operations for the clearing of gutters, as well as river beds - with much of the efforts devoted to Mfoundi river - but also has put a lot of efforts in the education of Citizens, called to change their behavior.On this specific plane, we should mention many actions undertaken by the City Council like:• The drawing up of Community action plans for the environment, in particular as regards fight against nuisance and pollution, the protection of green areas;• The creation, maintenance and management of public cemeteries; as well as the creation and mana- gement of all sports facilities of community interest;The panoramic community hallLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN67

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