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68LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN• Development projects of community interest; and the creation of land reserves of community interest;• The creation and management of cultural cen- tres of community interest;• The construction, equipping, management, maintenance and maintenance of marketable equipment of community interest, including mar- kets, bus stations and slaughterhouses;• The participation in the organization and management of urban passenger transport;COMMUNITY INVESTMENT PLANSTheir drawing-up and implementation are also part of the City Council's concerns. Many speci- fic actions should also be pointed out at this level, all of which must be attributed to the CC:• The signing of programme contracts with the State or Region for the achievement of commu- nity development objectives;• Urban planning, management and master plans, land use plans or planning documents in lieu thereof. To this end, the City Council shall give its opinion on the regional planning draft before its approval;• The creation, development, maintenance, ope- ration and management of primary and secon- dary community roads, their dependencies and equipment, including street lighting;• The erection of road signs, storm sewerage, safety equipment and civil engineering structures;The signing of a real estate investment agreement with China• The creation and development of public urban areas of community interest;• The coordination of urban distribution networks for energy, drinking water, telecommunications and all stakeholders in the public and sector;• Urban traffic and travel plans for the entire road network.It must be made clear that all this work of fore- sight and all these achievements would be impos- sible without leaders who set the course and give the modus operandi. In the first place, the Government Delegate to the City Council, of which part of the remit may be presented here. Therefore, in the performance of his duties, the Government Delegate to the City Council of Yaoundé is responsible for:• The preparation and execution of the procee- dings of the City Council;• The preparation and implementation of the City budget;• The organization and management of City services;• The management of the resources and heritage of the City;• The management of community works;• Representing the city during formal ceremonies.A DENSE ROAD MAPAt the Yaoundé City Council, the year 2016 got off to a most auspicious start, given the road map drawn up at the start of the year. In the case of land tenure for example, there was a need to:

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