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70LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN• The achievement of works in Nkolbikok under the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme;• The cleaning and rehabilitation of sanitation structures;• The maintenance of the Mfoundi Canal; • Various works on street lighting;• Maintenance of traffic lights;• Work on horizontal and vertical markings; • Road equipping, etc.YAOUNDE, TURNED TO THE FUTUREIn the end, for several years the City Council of Yaoundé keeps going to build on a long-term commitment to render the Cameroonian capital ever more beautiful and attractive.Despite difficulties and hardships, things are moving forward in the city, which is destined a for great things. Moreover, when you return to it after having left only a few years back, you will hardly recognize many places you were used to. New buildings have been erected, some are near com- pletion and others are emerging. The streets are quite regularly cleaned up, the overflowing dustbins strewn along the roads are just old memory now. New, cleaner and more welcoming shops, per- fectly functional, tower in several areas in the city, to the delight of shopkeepers and customers ... It is a fact that Yaoundé, whose rejuvenation began few years back, is giving an attractive look, which it is well on her way to keep for a long time, if things would persistently evolve in the right way.The signing of an investment agreementBut the City Council, aware that it is a constant struggle, does not intend to stop there, nor sleep on laurels they certainly lar- gely deserve. For its executive, headed by the Government Delegate, it is a long-term job that is just beginning. It is a question of always better protecting people from diseases due to insalubrity, of guaranteeing the safety of citizens against the perils of marshy areas and wild constructions. Efforts should also be made to facilitate their travel, to fight relentle- ssly against traffic congestion, abusive par- king and irresponsible drivers.Challenges equally include the greatest reduction possible of noise and olfactory pollution, the era- dication of lack of civic spirit in urban areas, the continuation in the creation of green spaces (which seem to have been very successful among city dwellers), etc.For the CUY, it is also a question, of making the city of Yaoundé more economically competitive. All these projects, many of which are completed or in the process of being completed, ultimately aim at restoring the city to its inhabitants. A clean, beautiful, captivating and attractive city, whose development respects its natural environ- ment. All the actions by the City Council go in this direction, in spite of much heaviness, and at times of incomprehension and resistance, which hamper the executive of the City in its efforts. But the latter is determined not to let go. The march forward will not stop. The future of Yaoundé is at stake, the capital of Cameroon, the seat of the institutions of the Republic n

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