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72LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNCOURTSJustice is rendered in Cameroon through:n First instance courts;n High courts;n Military tribunals;n Administrative tribunals; n Courts of Appeal;n Special Criminal Court; n Supreme CourtCOURT OF FIRST INSTANCEA court of first instance is established in principle by Sub-division. However, according to the ope- rational requirements, the jurisdiction of this court may extend over several sub-divisions. Any case before the first instance court is decided by a sin- gle judge, except in social matters. The trial court is particularly relevant:• In criminal cases: for the judgment of any offense except for crimes;• In civil, commercial and social matters when the amount of the claim does not exceed five hun- dred thousand (500,000 CFA);• Approving the summary proceedings and injunctions;• Recovery of trade receivables by simplified procedures.The Special Criminal Court has jurisdiction where the injury was a minimum amount of 50 million CFA francsHIGH COURTThe territorial jurisdiction of the High Court extends to divisions. However, according to operational requirements, the jurisdiction of this court may include several divisions. The Court of First Instance has jurisdiction:• In criminal matters for the trial of crimes and related offenses;• In civil, commercial and social matters for the trial of disputes where the amount of the claim exceeds five hundred thousand CFA;• In civil cases to hear actions and procedures relating to the status of persons, civil status, mar- riage, divorce, parentage subject to the compe- tences of the traditional jurisdictions.ADMINISTRATIVE COURTSThey were created by a presidential decree of 15th of March 2012. There are ten in total, one in each capital region.Their jurisdiction extends to the entire region. The administrative court's role is to control administra- tive action which is itself supported by the satis- faction of the general interest.COURT OF APPEALThere shall be a court of appeal by Region. It serves in the Headquarters of the Region.

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