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77Health and Social ProtectionHEALTHIn 2015, the budget allocated to Health was 5.5% of the State budget, CFA 207.1 billion, up by 2.48% compared to 2014. Several programs are implemented and shall enjoy external finan- cing. Actions undertaken are geared toward: the health of mother, child and adolescent; the fight against disease and health promotion; the impro- vement of Health Districts.MOTHER AND CHILD HEALTHConcerning reproductive health, actions geared towards: assistance to pregnant women during childbirth; improving immunization coverage; prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child.As part of the fight against maternal and child mortality, the actions taken in 2014 were: the capacity building of 2629 staff in reproductive health; assistance for childbirth of 299,826 pre- gnant women by qualified personnel equivalent to 68.4% of deliveries; the construction of 6 "Mother and Child" pavilions and equipment of 13 pavilions; equipment 13 childbirth rooms and rehabilitation of two maternity ; equipping 61 integrated health centers with operating theaters, blood banks, birth boxes, cribs and cradles;the acquisition of pills, condoms, injectable contraceptives, implants and intrauterine devices for a better offer of family planning services; free care against obstetric fistulas of 80 women; crea- tion of a service center for obstetric fistula in Ngaoundere Protestant Hospital.As elsewhere, pregnant women continue to receive free intermittent preventive treatment against malaria and the vaccine against tetanus during prenatal consultations.EXPANDED PROGRAMME ON IMMUNIZATIONIn 2014, vaccination coverage for tracers anti- gens that are the Penta3 measles vaccine (VAR), were respectively 86.7% and 80.4% against and 88.6% 83.2% in 2013. In terms of the management of vaccines, important antigen losses were recorded at national level: BCG (28.9%), VAR (25.6%) and anti-yellow fever vaccine (23.2%). In the first half 2015, the vaccination coverage for Penta3 and VAR tracer antigens were 75% and 71.1% respecti- vely against 79.2% and 78.7% for the same period in 2014.As regards epidemiological surveillance, 11 cases of bacterial meningitis were notified and nine posi- tive cases detected for rotavirus diarrhea.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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