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78ANTIGÈNSBCGPOLIO 3VARVAT2+VAAPENTA3Evolution of immunization coverage in Cameroon (in %)2011 2012 201380,3 81,5 82,180,3 85,0 88,076,0 81,8 83,176,3 72,6 61,775,4 80,1 82,882,2 85,2 88,62014 2015*74,3 71,079,1 82,480,4 71,163,7 55,779,7 68,386,7 75,0LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNSource: MOH - N.B.: VAR = measles; TT2 + = tetanus for pregnant women; VAA = yellow fever; DTC3 * = DTP + HepB reference antigen; Penta3 = combination of antigens (Hepatitis B-Hib-DTP3) * Q1. First quarterDISEASE CONTROLHIVIn 2014, new HIV infections in the total popula- tion were estimated at 58,630, or 44.1% of men and 55.9% of women. On 667,770 people tes- ted for HIV / AIDS, 32,095 were HIV positive, a prevalence rate of 4.8%. As for the diagnosis and care, 12,763 cases of STIs were diagnosed and treated through CAMNAFAW and CARE NGO.About 476,477 pregnant women tested for HIV, 31,112 were HIV positive, a prevalence rate of 6.3% against 4.7% in 2013. Of the 31,112 HIV-positive pregnant women, 22,297 received antiretroviral protocol among which 10,599 were put on ARV treatment and 11,698 under ARV prophylaxis. Coverage rate for seropositive pregnant women under ARVs rose from 32.7 % in 2013 to 53.5%. Of the 19,527 husbands of pregnant women tested, 9% were declared HIV positive against 10.1% in 2013. On the 10,994 children born to HIV positive mothers and tested to polymerase chain reaction, 613 patients were reported, a rate of 5.6%HIV- posi- tives. Of the 10,718 children exposed to HIV at birth in 2014, 7318 were put on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis or from the age of six weeks.Prevention of transmission from mother to child activities continued. In this context, 6,281 health workers benefited from a strengthening of capa- city, of which 4027 were trained on the preven- tion of transmission from mother to child, 1933 trained on the samples of "DBS" and 321 on the use of counters' differentiated cell type 4 ".The active list of people living with HIV and under ARV treatment increased from 131,531 in 2013-to 145,038 in 2014. This includes 6099 children under 15 years, 40,659 men and 98,280 women. In 2014, 46,152 blood bags were collected among which 911 were positive to HIV. In the area of prevention and contamina- tion, 38,002,917 male preservatives and 2,469,464 female were distributed.The American project (President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief) continued to support the blood program.MALARIAIn 2014, the treatment of severe malaria was made free for children under five and subsidized for pregnant women. The case management of uncomplicated malaria is subsidized for people over five years and pregnant women.To this end, 1,167,600 rapid diagnostic tests, 2,335,299 pairs of gloves and 851,500 doses of artesunate amodiaquine were acquired. With funding from the Global Fund, 550,000 syringes and 793,143 doses of injectable artesunate were purchased for the treatment of severe malaria.International Reference Centre Chantal Biya to better fight

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