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80The Buruli ulcer endemic area which is located along the river Nyong showed126 cases in 2014 against 164 in 2013. This improvement is linked to multiple awareness campaigns scree- ning and management performed by the pro- gram against the disease with the support of NGOs, FAIRMED Doctors and Médecins Sans Frontières. In the first half 2015, the program registered 69 cases, a decrease by 4.7% com- pared to the same period in 2014.SERVICING HEALTH DISTRICTSIt was particularly implemented by the develop- ment of local infrastructure and .densification of healthcare supply.Regarding the development of local infrastruc- ture, projects in progress in 2015 are: equip- ment of 118 health facilities with medical equip- ment, 17 with solar energy and 52 with bore- holes; and rehabilitation of 33 Integrated Health Centers, nine Sub divisional Health Centers, 15 District Hospitals; the construction of six mother and child pavilions of which 4 equipped; the construction of 13 Integrated Health Centers, five Sub divisional Medical Centers and 12 staff accommodation.The densification of the health care offer was made in 2015 through the construction of the blood bank at the Ngaoundere Regional Hospital; the rehabilitation of the radiology divi- sion of the District Hospital Nguelemendouka; the acquisition of radiology equipment atAerial view of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in DoualaBangangté District Hospital and hematology at Limbe Regional Hospital; commissioning of Sangmélima Referral Hospital, of the Emergency Center of Yaoundé and the Gynecology and Obstetrics and Pediatric Hospital in Douala.Under the three-year emergency plan for accele- rating growth, the health sector will benefit from project funding hereinafter: the construction and equipment of Regional Hospital Centers in the eight other regional headquarters apart from Yaoundé and Douala; the rehabilitation and recovery of technical trays of general hospitals in Yaoundé and Douala and University Hospital Centre (CHU) in Yaoundé.SOCIAL PROTECTIONTaking into account the specific needs and concerns of vulnerable groups and poor has continued and resulted in actions directed towards promotion and improvement of condi- tions and quality of life.In 2014, the actions taken against deficiencies related to: sensitization of 712,000 people on prevention of handicaps, disability, risk and social plagues; organizing educational talks with parents and teachers of special and inclusive schools and workshops at the National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities; the continued construction of the Bépanda Multifunctional Center for Handicapped. Admission is free in public secondary education for disabled children and children born with disa- bled indigent parents.Proximity and better equipped medical infrastructureLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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