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CHILD PROTECTION25 new private distressed child support structures were selected as part of the extension of the Project Rapid Results Initiatives; 230 children were supported including 140 in inclusive schools, 74 in special schools and 16 in kinder- garten; 300 copies of the manual of procedures for child adoption chain were produced and distributed.PROMOTING SOCIAL SOLIDARITYAs part of the fight against the phenomenon of street children, 258 new cases were identified, 178 children found and 74 returned to families or in institutions.Furthermore, 98 educational talks with street chil- dren have been organized in the identification sites of Yaoundé and Douala. About the Vulnerable people, 30,126 were socially reinte- grated.Regarding the transfer of skills and resources to decentralized regional and local authorities, 110 municipalities benefited from resources for the allocation of aid. On assistance to social ins- titutions and participation in the management of centers for social promotion and reintegration, resources have been transferred to: 5 urban com- munities to subsidize NGOs, associated partners and private welfare, and three cities to partici- pate in the maintenance and management of childcare centers for children in distress.ADVANCEMENT OF WOMEN AND FAMILYThe vision of development for women and family promotion places women in a social and econo- mically autonomous enhanced role in a stable and harmonious family. The objective is the deve- lopment and implementation of measures for the advancement of women and gender to promote and protect the rights of the family and child.ADVANCEMENT OF WOMEN AND GENDERIn 2014, the actions concerned include: the initiation of 50 associations of rural women in preparation techniques and transformation of agricultural products; sensitization of 455 women leaders of associations on the issues of the mutation of Common interest groupings in cooperatives; the training of 10,260 women and girls in modern production, product pro- cessing and preservation techniques and 4,628 in setting up projects and in business management; training 13,453 rural women and 15 groups of women in modern tech- niques of production, processing and preserva- tion of food products; supporting the implemen- tation of 176 cooperatives; construction of the Women and family promotion centers in Mbanga and Fifinda and completion of those of Dschang, Bafang and Bibemi.Regarding violence against women, 27,022 people were sensitized on gender based vio- lence and 25,711 on female genital mutilation.The head office of the National Social Welfare (CNPS) in YaoundéLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN81

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