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to reinvigorate supervision structures. In the first half 2015, 434 could be listed and divided into four categories.As part of the partnership platform for young people set up by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINDUH), 500 young people were trained in the urban sector businesses (manufacturing and laying pavers, manufacture and use of local construction materials, formwork reinforcement, images cable, horticulture) and 100 to the use of HIMO (works of high intensity of labor force) approach. As for the implementation of micro-commu- nity projects, 65 youth were recruited and 10 towns were supported for the creation of production units.INCREASED JOBDuring the year 2014, the actions undertaken enabled:• Recruitment of 10,526 temporary workers in structuring projects;• Creation of 42,487 jobs through the execution of the public investment budget;• Funding by the National Fund for employment (NPF) of 5,954 micro-projects;• Creation of 2,240 jobs through 260 micro-project groups and associations of women and disabled and 300 micro-projects for young people.In the first half 2015, the actions were: the inser- tion of 15,733 jobs seekers by temporary work agencies and private employment offices; the recruitment of 13,225 young people in the defense and security forces and, 7314 in the Public Service; the creation of 1,400 jobs in the pilot HIMO / MINEPAT sites in nine cities; the insertion of 20,749 job seekers and 13,518 in self-employment by the National Employment Fund; the creation of 2589 jobs across agropoles program; and funding for 400 micro projects by PIAASI.Regarding vocational training, actions in 2014 were: the creation of 25 new rural crafts / household sections (SAR / SM) and the ope- ning of 22 created in 2013; the construction of 16 classrooms, eight workshops, three offices and two accommodation houses; the acquisition of 2520 tables and benches for the benefit of 50 SAR / SM; the granting of 542 vocational training scholarships worth 105 million; the granting of financial sup- port in the amount of 45 million to 25 private vocational training centers; granting of authori- zations to 172 new private vocational training facilities.More than 35,000 new jobs were created as part of the promotion program for Decent WorkMore than 30 000 new jobs were created as part of the promotion of decent work programLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN83

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