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84LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Women's Empowerment and the FamilyThe Ministry of Women's Empowerment and the Family is responsible for the development and implementation of measures necessary to respect women's rights and protection of the family ...WOMAN IN THE SOCIETY: A GREATER ROLE TO PLAYIn terms of tasks assigned to her, the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and the Family (MIN- PROFF) is especially responsible for: ensuring the elimination of any discrimination against women; ensuring increased equality guarantees towards women in all fields of activity; studying and sub- mitting to the Government the conditions facilita- ting the employment of women in all lines of busi- ness; studying and proposing the strategies and measures aiming at strengthening the promotion and protection of the family; studying and propo- sing the measures for the promotion and protec- tion of children's rights.MINPROFF’s action relies on the 2035 Vision and the purpose of making Cameroon an emer- ging country. It is also inspired by the orientations contained in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP) whose objective in matters of promotion of women and family is “A woman with a socially enhanced role, a stable and har- monious family”.In keeping with the Development Vision, GESP, policy of “Greater Achievements” and its mis- sionsthe MINPROFF focuses its strategy on two main objectives, namely: to promote the gender dimension in all sectors of national life; to contri- bute to the development of the family as a social institution. During the recent financial year, the Ministry was remarkable for numerous achieve- ments, according to its sphere of action.PROTECTION OF WOMEN'S RIGHTSUnder this heading there are among other things: the development and validation of the Multi-secto- ral Action Plan for the implementation of the National Gender Policy; the continued implemen- tation of Agreements relating to the promotion and protection of women's rights, and the production of a Ratio-Country on the evolution of women’ssituation in 12 critical areas of the Beijing Platform; the intensification of the fight against vio- lence against women through awareness sessions and advocacy for key players; the popularization of legal instruments for women's rights protection; the launch of the implementation of the joint pro- gramme with the United Nations System to “speed up the prevention of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the holistic care of survivors in the most affected regions of Cameroon” ; strengthening community capacities to relay the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).In 2015, still to MINPROFF’s credit we have: the organization of socio-legal clinics for women's organizations and community leaders; the disse- mination of legal instruments at the National Assembly and the Senate; the organization of a national awareness campaign for communities and families on the education of girls; the partici- pation in the national campaign on citizenship and national integration, etcBesides, women's empowerment was carried out through: the purchase of agricultural equipment material and grants to 157 women's groups; the training of 9,675 women and girls in the arran- gements and management of income-generating activities; support for the development of female entrepreneurship, the supervision of women's groups in fairs, forums, workshops and seminars; participation in the development and implemen- tation of programmes and projects related to eco- nomic empowerment of women; the signing of a partnership agreement with MINPOSTEL for connecting some Promotion Centres for Women and the Family (CPFF) to the Internet.INCREASING GENDER EQUALITY GUARANTEESThe MINPROFF’s 2016 roadmap was developed in line with the abovementioned actions. Therefore, during the FY, efforts will be undertaken to increase gender equality guarantees and women’s empo- werment through : translation, editing and popula- rization of the multi-sectoral plan for the implemen-

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