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tation of the National Gender Policy; the continua- tion of the awareness-raising and advocacy for fight against violence against women, harmful sociocultural practices, discrimination against women and violations of women’s human rights; the setting up of new bodies to prevent and care for victims of GBV (gender based violence); moni- toring the inclusion of women in government pro- jects; monitoring the situation of women in all sec- tors of development by producing sectoral reports; continuing the popularization of legal instruments for the promotion and protection of women's rights; capacity-building of women; participation in the implementation of the sustainable development objectives and the African Union’s 2063 Agenda.Other actions into perspective include: the imple- mentation of frameworks for cooperation and partnership in the promotion and protection of women's rights; the granting of financial support and minor farming equipment for women's groups; the production of ratios-country of the implementation of global, regional and sub- regional platforms; the continuation in the imple- mentation of women's entrepreneurship activities; the extension of the national coverage in women monitoring through the construction and rehabili- tation of 7 CPFF (Promotion Centres for Women and the Family); the development of a National Policy of Women's Entrepreneurship; the study on the establishment of Reception Centres for distres- sed women; the continued implementation of the speeding up programme on gender-based vio- lence and holistic care of survivors in the most affected regions of Cameroon.ERADICATION OFDOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCEIn terms of family promotion and protection, it will be about: the popularization of the legal instru- ments for family protection and social worker’s manuals on premarital education, marriage and family; on mediation and marital therapy; on care for OVCs and affected families; support to regularization of unions; dissemination of results of the study on widows in Cameroon; the continuation of administrative and legal support widows; continuing public awareness for the prevention and management of domestic and family violence and developing a national plan for the eradication of the said violence; the commemoration of the days dedicated to the families and widows.As regards institutional development and governance, the actions to carry out will cover, among others: the development of a Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and 2017-2019 Priority Plan of Actions; organizing appraisal and restoration meetings of service checks; the monitoring and control of the implementation of projects financed by the PIB (Public Investment Budget); the launch of the Rapid Results Initiative (IRR) in a few CPFFs in the East, West and Centre; raising awareness among field officers, women and families on the theme “Gender and corruption”; the organization of follow-up and verification missions of denunciations; the production of MINPROFF’s 3rd Statistical Yearbook nAccording to the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, only action mattersLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN85

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