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86LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Public HealthThe Ministry of Health is responsible for working out and implementing the Government's policy with regards to public health, in order to improve people’s health condition in compliance with the GESP and the Millennium for the Development Goals...QUALITY OF CAREThe Ministry of Public Health (MINSANTE) fulfils as many and important tasks. Its attributions the- refore include:• Ensuring the organization, management and development of public health facilities; ensuring technical control of the private health facilities; making sure to extend national health cove- rage; making sure to develop preventive and fighting actions against epidemics and pande- mics; ensuring the implementation of preventive medicine; ensuring the quality of care and improve the technical facilities in public and pri- vate health facilities; the promotion of health infrastructure together with the relevant adminis- trations; ensuring traditional medicine develop- ment of in collaboration with the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.Besides, MINSANTE is also responsible for: contributing in training doctors, physicians and paramedics, as well as their permanent recycling; controlling the exercise of the pro- fessions of doctor, pharmacist, dentist sur- geon, and ensuring the supervision of the corresponding professional Orders; ensuring international medical and health coopera- tion in collaboration with the Ministry of External Relations; following up the activities falling within its field of competence in the operation of the Cardinal Paul Emile Leger Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Persons, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs; following up the activities of specia- lized organizations and technical commit- tees under its jurisdiction; following up sports medicine and occupational health, in conjunction with the relevant administrations.In addition, the Department exercises technical supervision of some entities like the Hospital of Research and Application in Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction (CHRACERH), the Centre Pasteur of Cameroon, the NationalSupply Centre for Drugs and Essential Medical Consumables, Quality Control Laboratory for Drugs and Expertise, of the Chantal Biya International Research Centre.A STRONG RECORDDuring the financial year 2015, MINSANTE focused on carrying out severalprogrammes; the Mother, Adolescent and Child’s Health programme was part of these. Therefore, in terms of the health of the mother, the Ministry undertook, among others things: the capacityInauguration of the center of medical imaging of Bafoussam

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