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building of 4455 operating staffs in reproductive health; the stepping up of professional midwife or doctor working; the construction of six "Mother and Child" pavilions and equipping of the 13 others built in 2013; to extend to the 10 regions of the country (8 currently) the strategy of obstetric kits; the restoration and equipping of maternity hospitals in several health facilities.Regarding child’s health, epidemiologic monito- ring enabled to point out in 2015: the stopping of wild poliovirus circulation; nine cases of yel- low fever detected in the West and in the South- West, where a fightback campaign was conduc- ted, over 1.7 million people vaccinated. Besides, an Action Week of Health and Child and Maternal Nutrition allowed to adminis- ter Vitamin A to children aged 6 months to 59 weeks, and deworming those of 12 to 59 months.As regards fight against the disease and health promotion, as part of the fight against HIV / AIDS, the number of support units was 167 in 2015 with more than 160 000 people under- going ARV treatment. Regarding malaria, over 12 million long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) were distributed, 94,637 children under 5 years benefited from free treatment of uncomplicated malaria and 41 264 of the treatment of severe malaria alike. As for tuberculosis, treatment is still free of charge for all detected cases. Steps have also been taken against Neglected Tropical Diseases, non-communicable Chronic Diseases,The departments of the Ministry of Health in Yaoundéand as part of the fight against drugs, particularly through repeated repressive actions carried out throughout the year, with the help of customs departments, security forces and justice. Furthermore, MINSANTE has also worked to develop its human resources.REASSERTED AMBITIONSFor the 2016 financial year, the MINSANTE intends to continue its performance. Thus, the Three-year Emergency Plan (PLANUT) in its Health part, should be sped up in order to fulfill the selected projects. Which will especially enable to appreciate the visibility of hospitals in charge of health coverage for the major sports events to come in Cameroon in 2016 and 2019. We should remind that the two main com- ponents of this part of PLANUT: the fulfilment of infrastructures and raising the technical installa- tions of the Douala and Yaounde General Hospitals and the University Hospital of Yaounde, as well; the construction and equipping of 8 Regional Hospital Centres of Reference in Regions’ headquarters places other than Douala and Yaounde.Concerning fight against epidemics and pande- mics, for 2016, MINSANTE intends to intensify prevention and control of potential outbreaks of epidemic through: intensifying epidemiological surveillance through the Regional Centres for Prevention and Fight against Epidemics; increasing awareness-raising and mobilizingLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN87

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