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92Evolution of the numbers of pupils and teachers in secondary educationEDUCATION 2013/20142014/2015*Teachers45,873 26,618 72,4911,349 868 2,217General Secondary (GSE)Public 18,611 Private 10,732 Total 29,343Teachers training-ENIEGPublic 464 Private 425 Total 88944,241 25,466 69,7071,279 774 2,023Classroom TeachersPupils1,128,501 437,442 1,555,94323,890 6,154 30,044Classrooms19,157 12,089 31,246536 461 997Pupils1,214,938 477,880 1,692,81824,695 6,908 31,603In terms of results under the direction of examina- tions, competitive exams and certification, the success rate at the ordinary BEPC bilingual BEPC and industrial CAP dropped respectively by 9.2 points and 0.7 point, and are at 40.8%, 66% and 40.1%. The success rate at the CAPIEM andCAPIET, situated at 94% and 92.8% respectively, have improved. Except for those of science and technology of the tertiary and concerning the General Advanced, the success rates at the exa- minations under the “office du baccalauréat” are up.Success rates at official examinations of the secondary education (in %)EXAMINATIONSOrdinary BEPCBilingual BEPCCAP SITIndustrial CAPBACC-ESGBACC-STTBACC-EST (industrial)PROB-ESGPROB-STTPROB-EST (industrial)SESSION 201450.075.341.640.856.263.749.630.142.723.344.053.5SESSION 201540.866.046.640.156.755.559.237.639.131.442.666.9EXAMINATIONSBrevets professionnels industriels Brevets professionnels commSESSION 201464.3 29.136.434.4164.032.555.724.134.364.350.4SESSION 201562.9 25.941.244.960.045.064.2nanananaPROB brevet technicienBrevets de techniciensBrevets d’études professionnels industrielsGCE-General Ordinary LevelGCE-General Advanced LevelGCE-Technical Ordinary LevelGCE-Technical Advanced LevelProbatoire technique in EnglishPROB de brevet de technician in EnglishBaccalauréat technique in EnglishBrevets de technicien in EnglishLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNSCHOOL EMERGENCY PROGRAMMEThe Head of State ordered a special release of 3.5 billion in February 2015 as part of the School Emergency Programme for support to dis- placed students of a few Divisions (Diamaré, Mayo-Sava, Mayo-Tsanaga and Logone-and- Chari), in the Far-North Region. MINEDUB recei- ved 2.6 billion and MINESEC 815 million.The funding enabled to build 252 classrooms of which 208 for the basic education and 44 for secondary education, not to mention 79 bore- holes, 20 dormitories and 10 canteens and, the purchase of 7,930 desks ready for usage as from the 2015/2016 school year.Source: MINESEC, na=non-availableIn the same stride, registration fees at official exami- nations of the displaced students were also paid.Special measures amounting 648.9 million were taken, including financial support towards high school students, a minimum package (books, note- books, pens). As for the basic education students, the received a special support of foodstuffs (rice, sugar, oil...) and, a special premium for 5,818 staffs of the public sector working in those ministerial depart- ments. MINESEC and MINEDUB organized inten- sive courses in order to help the displaced student prepare the 2015 official examinations. The need for teaching staffs was met through the recruitment of CAPIEM holders living in the said areas within the framework of the recruitment of 3,060 teachers.

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