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Ministry of Sports and Physical EducationThe Ministry of Sports and Physical Education is responsible for monitoring the national policy in sports and physical education, as well as upstream sports organizations. It also participates in the working out of the monitoring of sports competitions and development of high performance sport ...INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCEAuthorities’ option of making Cameroon an emer- ging country by 2035 puts the youth, specifically the young athlete, at the centre of the Head of State’s concerns. This leads the staff of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education (MIN- SEP) and all actors of the sports movement to coach meticulously young athletes, so as to enhance the aura of Cameroon internationally across different sports. We should point out that the vitality of the Cameroonian sports partly expresses the strong vitality of the Cameroonian youth, and consequently that of all the people of Cameroon.To succeed in the missions assigned to her, MIN- SEP has put a lot of efforts in several fields falling within its field of action during the past financial year 2015. Thus, in the sector of the manage- ment of sports movement, activities had to do with two major areas of the Ministry: the promotion of Physical Education and the influence of Cameroon’s image through sport. Regarding the promotion of Physical Education, we should mention:o The implementation of official updated pro- grams of Physical and Sports Education (EPS); o The production and dissemination of curriculaand teaching guides; the monitoring of the implementation of PE regulations in continuing training and official examinations;o The development, in collaboration with part- ner public services, of inspection equipment like joint inspection bulletins.In the same area, we should mention that raising public awareness on the benefits of regular physical activity could not be outdone. The celebration of the National Day of Physical Education throughout the national territory, from the 3rd to 5th June 2015, under the theme "Physical Education for a dynamic and competitive Cameroon" mobilized about 400 thousand people.BOOSTING SPORTING ACTIVITIESRegarding sports, several actions were carried out, aiming first, at standardizing the running of national civil sports associations and federations, and secondly, to boost sport practice at national and international levels.In this chapter, we should point out the culmina- tion of the normalization process in the Cameroon Football Federation, which enabled the establishment of an Executive Committee recognized by the State and international forums; the organization, under the leadership of MIN- SEP, of the first ordinary General Meetings of the National Federation of School Sports (FENASSCO).As part of the initiative for the promotion of Cameroon’s image through the influence of sport on the national and international scenes, the Cameroonian Government has disbursed about6 billion FCFA to finance the participation of Cameroon in local and international competi- tions. Support was granted the Professional Football League, as well as subsidies were allo- cated to sports associations and NGOs.Efforts by the authorities enabled to obtain 321 medals, including 93 Gold, 98 Silver and 130 Bronze. In view of last year’s harvest, namely 108 medals, with 39 Gold, 30 Silver and 39 Bronze, there is reason to salute the commitment, determination, courage and perseverance of Cameroonian athletes at the competitions.The laurels won are the result of a synergy of action between administrative officers, coaches, athletes themselves and the various partners. In detail, the Government made sure that Cameroonian athletes would participate in 74 sports competitions.We should therefore quote: > > >LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN93

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